One and Seven Eighths ~ Modern Camping Songs

coverModern Camping Songs is quirky, clever, and fun, and would make a perfect alternate soundtrack to Moonrise Kingdom.  An anonymous commenter calls it “one of the best camping based musical releases for a few months now”.  This endearing statement is a perfect entry point into the album, which discards genre expectations while seeking to entertain.

I might share the sole vocal track, “Pegasus (The Camping Waltz)” with smart campers this summer.  I will be nice, I won’t threaten your husband, I won’t keep my drugs in your tent.  Everybody sing!  The song ends with clip-clops and a repeated cry of “Pegasus!”  This happens for no apparent reason, which fits perfectly if you’ve ever spent time in the woods with a bunch of strangers.  It’s all supposed to be fun, but more often than not camping involves the painting of a happy face.  “Theme (Let’s Go Camping)” has its share of bird whistles and upbeat melodies, but ends with the sound of a can top.  Ahh, sweet relief.

One And Seven Eighths - Modern Camping Songs - Tent 3The importance of titles is often overlooked in instrumental music.  Yet earlier this year, Lullatone and Cinchel bucked the trend by releasing works whose track titles are particularly evocative; now add One and Seven Eighths (U.K. duo Ashley Cole and Graham McElroy) to that list.  “Rough Tent at Night” is the sound of rain leaking between flaps of vinyl; “Morning Heat” shimmers like the hot sun that makes sleeping late unbearable; “Monkeys on a Ford Grenada” is poppy and playful.  While the latter may not reflect a typical camping experience, the phrase “I’m sure I packed it in here” is just right.  Add sound effects – thunder, zippers, canteens and the like – and a sonic souvenir is born.  The children of Moonrise Kingdom brought a record player on their journey, but if you’ll be camping this season, you may wish to bring a tape recorder.  (Richard Allen)

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