Busto Power Trio ~ The Deal

coverWhen listening to The Deal, the debut set from London noir surfers Busto Power Trio, one can’t help but think of Gru, the protagonist of Despicable Me.  There’s that finger-snapping jaunt (“Negotiating”), a sunglass tint to the music, and an overall atmosphere of cool.  Or closer to home, consider the Jaguar commercial in which Ben Kingsley darkly intones, “Have you ever noticed how in Hollywood movies, all the villains are played by Brits?”  As a trio of villains converges, they proclaim, “Oh yes, it’s good to be bad.”

The trio calls The Deal “music for villains”, and claims influences that range from David Lynch to Link Ray, Morricone to Mr. Bungle.  In other words, they don’t take themselves too seriously.  The title track even begins with a roar from Godzilla.  On “Oroboro”, a villain (we presume) engages in a monologue, punctuated by exuberant shouts of “Hey! Hey! Hey!”  “Salutation” includes a barking dog.  The music manages to capture the vibe of the 50’s (rock ‘n’ roll riffs) the 60’s (spaghetti westerns and surf rock), the 80’s (alternative prog) and many other decades along the way, pilfering whatever sounds good, like a good villain.  One can do the mashed potato, one can do the twist, one can pogo, one can slam dance.  Tempos change without warning; guitars fly speaker-to-speaker.  This is great party music, the only drawback being that it’s way too short.  Did somebody shoot the villain already?  We hope not.  We hope that he’s speeding away in his Jaguar, enjoying the sounds of Busto Power Trio, planning his next move.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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