Call for Participants: 10″ Sound Fragments for Community Collage

cfp fragment

We recently posted our 1,500th post.  Next February will mark the start of our third year.  We’re close to reaching 5,000 followers on Twitter and 2,500 on Facebook.  For a little blog that emphasizes content over design, that still believes in reading and criticism, and largely eschews self-promotion… well, these all seem like great milestones.  Part of what has always been special about ACL is the community that has supported us and grown up around us.  I’ve heard from a great many of you  thanking us not only for introducing you to great music but also for make direct connections between you.


In order to foster more community engagement and collective spirit, I’m calling for 10 second sound fragments which will be edited together into a community sound collage.  Anything goes: music samples, field-recordings, loops, radio static, sine tones, whatever.  Just send a 10 second MP3 or WAV (or OGG or FLAC) to  Artists, labels, readers, all are welcome.  Thanks!

About Joseph Sannicandro

writer | traveler | sound organizer | contrarian | concerned citizen

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