fydhws ~ The Sound (four movements in the key of D)

fydhws - The Sound (four movements in the key of D) - coverIt’s been a long time since we’ve reviewed the work of Kristijan Petreski,  the multi-guised Macedonian composer.  At that time, he was also known as Sferi. Sound of the Spheres was a grand experimental work addressing the eight planets of the solar system (no Pluto).  In the past couple years he’s also released a work of modern composition as Теми и Идеи, an ambient collaboration with Endless Melancholy as Moonshine Blues, and another concept album as fydhws.  That work, 9, was a dronelike investigation of symbolism and numerology; the new album is simpler in concept, but denser in atmosphere, bordering on oppressive, Grails-esque doom.

Little light is apparent on The Sound, despite the fact that the first part of the movement is “Light Wave”.  A more proper title might be “Light’s End”, as the track opens its maw like a cave.  The thick timbres of doom metal abound; one may think of early Earth, before they met Sunn O))).  The bass rumbles like a subterranean quake; the drum rolls and tips offer imitations of a shaking ground.  As the track grows blacker, one looks back, but the entrance is no longer visible.  Further into the darkness we go.

The majestic 18-minute “Ocean’s Deep” is the heart of the set.  Dark bells sound the fathoms, while waves of feedback churn like chum.  One imagines a bathysphere beginning to buckle.  Melodic wisps remind us of the people inside.  Within minutes, the sounds have grown as dark as the impenetrable depths.  For vast stretches, drones sweep the ocean floor.  When the melodic lines seep back through the cracks, they offer little solace.  In this case, the key of D is darkness, desolation, death.  But the music holds the same allure as the deep; one wants to push, push, until the point of no return.

Next, one encounters “The Mountain”, and imagines a brighter piece.  But this mountain is simply the flip side of the ocean deep: a place in which oxygen is scarce and blood vessels are at risk.  Doom waits here as well.  There is no escape in the extremes.  By reflecting these dangerous environments, fydhws seems to have pushed himself to extremes.  This time out, we need no entry point, no clever concept; the music speaks for itself, operating best at very high volume.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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