Marcus Fjellström ~ Lichtspiel Mutation 2: Alechsis

Marcus Fjellstrom AlechsisBetween the fury of the opening “Storm” and the raucous of “Finale” exists a highly nuanced and enthralling miniature epic. In a manner true of all Fjellström’s releases so far, the music casts a devilish, unsettling spell on its listeners from start to finish and guides them through this mythical tale of a reclusive alchemist and those who aim to bring his temple’s walls down.

A story of a relentless collector of sounds, a bird/bodyguard called Rhamos and the all important tape machine (Alechsis’ means of harnessing his power which *spoiler alert* ends up bringing about his own undoing) is definitely not what would be referred to as a run of the mill release in a genre usually typified by heartbreak, longing and distance. However, the backstory provides a more than apt accompaniment to these wonderfully crafted 20 minutes of music.

The music weaves its way through a plethora of sounds, all extremely well integrated, all captivating. From the ever present field recordings to the keys and synths, from the barely audible to the pummeling, everything is unexpected when it comes yet it all makes perfect sense. A unique musical proposition from start to finish that reveals endless layers of detail on every listen, bringing the listener closer to understanding the narrative every time. It hits a spot that very few other musicians even know exists; that point between complete comfort and devastating nervousness, a point that Fjellström calls home and continues to perfect with every passing release. (Mohammed Ashraf)

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