Lost Twin ~ The Mist

Lost TwinA descending sheet of gray fog conceals anything. It can even conceal music. Familiar faces turn into shrouded figures that walk steadily closer. Sounds echo, but their location remains a mystery; they just trail around in the distance. As soon as you enter The Mist, a creepy cluster of notes rise up and rush forward. But the warmth and pure light of a female vocal can always dispel the onset of fear and trepidation; The Mist is your ally.

Carlos R. Pinto’s music as Lost Twin is pretty misty, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. Deep, punchy beats and loose vocals make this a subtle form of electronic music, and the tight, syncopated rhythms pull it closer and closer to hip hop. The mist makes itself known by way of its tone, which is slightly muddy and unclear, but only just so. And it appears to disperse later on in the record. The clear electronic bleeps of “Snake snake” sit beside a weighty beat that justifies its hip hop tag, but the dreamy vocals push the music into the light. “Ego Hunter” is a cooler track, and in a nice touch the gentle drip of a raindrop provides the beat.

“Acuario de plantas” gleams and sparkles like pure water in the sunlight; it comes in on a band of late-morning fog that rolls in from the lake, but it’s a thin mist, dappled by light. It’s a secret place that conceals its own brand of magic. It’s never drab or dull. In fact, the Spaniard leaves us with a colorful record that seems to pull away from the titular mist. “The Tides” is more of a straight up electronic track; the clipped beats aren’t present, and the rhythm has more of a straight 4/4 feel that’s reminiscent of funky house. But this is the only real departure, and we’re consumed once again by a lovely, airy mist that clears the head. It also shows that Pinto can change it up if he wants to, and he does it with real style.

Hazy layers of synth end the record, gyrating in time with the beat. The lucid atmosphere is just what we need, and the music eventually slows down. Thankfully, this isn’t the kind of mist you’d find in, say, Silent Hill. It’s playful music that sits happily in the light of day. (James Catchpole)

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