AUN ~ Fiat Lux

FiatThe shimmery, strange intervals that herald the arrival of Fiat Lux lead through to a secret, sparkling doorway. The listener will soon encounter another dimension, painted by Canadian drone-masters AUN. The door disintegrates as it slams shut, and then it disappears completely. All of a sudden the atmosphere changes. Dank caverns shut the light out, and the cold, wet stone starts to subside.

Fiat Lux delivers an ethereal and yet electrically-charged atmosphere. Ghostly, uplifting synths hover around bleak, black electronics that scuttle and cycle in dusty, static-covered pits. A faint burst of sunlight creeps in and disintegrates the darkness of the void. It blindsides the listener, and that’s just the start of what is a stunning record. Deep chasms open up below, and the heavy chug of the rhythm brings to mind an old industrialized workhouse, left in ruins by the subsequent invasion of roots and weeds; nowadays, the drone resembles a patch of swampy ground, stained by the presence of poison.

At other times, the music reaches out and grabs the stars for some celestial ambient; other, lifeless worlds and rusty, kneeling structures that shouldn’t be there. They transcend the darkness and the light, easily flowing from one state to another. The drones move slowly as they stray closer and closer to a catatonic state. It’s hypnotic, like an experienced snake charmer lulling a deadly cobra. The brighter, florescent drone of “Dark Energy” sucks the rest of the track into its black spiral. Dressed in white static, the music’s a flowing bridal gown worn by an opaque, wavering force that is permanently stuck in a trance.

An otherworldly rhythm bleeds in and it’s lighter than your standard Earth-bound beat, as if it were unchained from the dense pull of gravity. It shuffles against an obscured drone that lies in the background. They are ‘Crystal Towers’, jutting out of cloudy pillars of dust that have stood firm for millions of years. Rhythms puncture the drone, but they are, on the whole, pretty infrequent. And that gives the drone a lot of space. A giant metallic fan whirs in the background, supplying the track with the air it needs to breathe. And it does what it pleases. Fiat Lux is essential. Their music is the true sound of a black pyramid, something shockingly close to home base, and yet something that transcends all corners of time and points to the infinite. It is a beam of bleak light that sucks the life out of everything and yet is insanely beautiful; light, but without hope. (James Catchpole)

Available here


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