Naviar Records ~ Naviar Series 006

NavMusic is inspired

By poetry and stories

Music breathes slowly


Poetry is here

Inside the ambient ice

Inside Naviar


Naviar Records

For the sixth in their series

Produce glowing drones


Police sirens that

Flash by in the wink of an 

Eye that never sleeps


August summer nights

Call out to the listener

Restless solitude



Endless humid nights

Cicada memories that

stay well secluded


Three and twenty songs

Of Beauty and suffering

Static overwhelms


Chirping birds can calm

a dissonance that covers

Everything it can


Music opens doors

A haiku for every song

Whispers in the ear


The creak of a stair

An unnatural event

Phantoms reside here


Sounds of radios

Play back voices that have left

One world for the next


Oh so quiet drones

Drift away on wings of love

Sleep is all I want


Ambient layers

Ripple and shimmer over

Stunningly blue lakes


You can get lost here

The labyrinth is dark and

Beautifully so


Waking up to rain

Falling outside the window

Sleep won’t come again


Wind chimes kiss the air

Over and over and soon

Their innocence fades


Repetitive beats

Are stained like ink in the night

A sexy rhythm


Nightly flirtations

Rhythms that are made for sex

The vinyl plays on


“Melodic Silence”

Fades in and out over time

Throbbing in cycles


Tundras and seagulls

A haiku is selected

And it is chosen


Notes fall down and weep

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

Clouds are here to stay


Ambient music

Experimental music

Relax and listen


Drums sound battle cries

Musical leviathans

Fiery copper scales


Drones distort and change

Flowing back out to sea and

Renewing themselves


Some struggle with life

Life is sometimes a struggle

When I look at her


The lonely people

Are now getting lonelier

Music helps to heal. (James Catchpole)


* “August summer nights

    I sit on my back porch stairs

    Showered in stars”


* “Finding old mix tapes

    Makes you nostalgic for how

    Lame you used to be”


* “The voice of a ghost

    Past memories, echo now

    In the empty stream”


* “Shadows of horses

    Galloping across my wall

    Outrunning the night”


Available here

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