Endless Melancholy ~ Her Name In A Language Of Stars

coverThe album begins with a slow music box melody and a distant ambient wash, like stars twinkling in front of the Milky Way or Aurora Borealis ~ a perfect reflection of the album cover.  This is Endless Melancholy‘s fourth full album and finest to date.  The man who began his career as a solo pianist has now stretched his wings and is approaching the stratosphere.  Fly that high, and others will notice ~ Benoît Pioulard, Will Bolton and Desolate Horizons join the artist (Oleksiy Sakevych) for a trio of remixes. To honor the beauty of the set, Her Name In A Language Of Stars is even available in a clothbound edition (akin to Sonic Pieces’ limited pressings).

That opening track (“Tiny Box of Melodies”) is hard to top, as it develops into a thick yet inviting drone by the time it concludes.  Other tracks go right to the thicker sounds before backing off, allowing sub-melodies and chords to shine through the grey like pinholes in cardboard.  A post-rock influence is apparent in “Daydreaming”, which layers its ambience in the same way that post-rock layers its guitars.  The piano, once primary in the mix, is not apparent until the sixth minute of “Like Ships Without Anchors.”

clothbound!While “Their Hearts Erased” appears in three versions – the original and two remixes – the album’s best track is the 15-minute “Burial, When the Sun Sets”.  Perhaps it was too good to remix.  From soft origins, it rises into a gentle morass of orchestral timbres, enveloping the listener in an ever-growing wall of gentle loops and restrained feedback.  All sense of time is lost as the track unfolds; one could listen for hours.  The soft landing alone takes two minutes, careful not to injure in any way.  The ground is as cushioned as the clouds.

Endless Melancholy no longer seems melancholic ~ an odd irony.  This music gazes at the sky, hopes and dreams.  We may be witnessing the birth of a new star.  (Richard Allen)

Release date:  27 July

Available here

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