Earthly ~ Days

DaysIt’s not unheard of for the three genres of experimental, electronic and ambient music to occasionally link hands, but when listening to Days, it sounds like they’ve always stuck by one another as the best of friends. Insert smiling emoji. It’s safe to say that Days is an eclectic record. Rarely have the three intertwined as well as they do here.

As soon as “RGB” fires up its sweetly-sung harmony, an incredibly colorful sound blossoms outwards. The samples are present and accounted for. Curated sounds are subsequently moulded and shaped into something resembling that of musical play-doh; it’s fun music, the equivalent of soft play. Full of innocence, the vocal pitch-shifts are leisurely and the samples are light.

The scattered rhythms and the kitten-cute vibes of “Ice Cream” could’ve come from an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures, and they drip from the record’s warm, uplifting and energetic excitement, placing the music upon an unstable carousel where bright, lively sounds are the order of the day, spinning around at a dizzying pace and with plenty of hyperactive melodies riding alongside. It’s as if the music has downed at least a couple of liters of Pepsi all in one go. It’s just there to have a good time. If you’re a gamer, you’ll recognize the Playstation samples of an era now lost on “Games”, a time spent playing for hours on end, and with no threat of RSI plaguing the fingers; a time when a problem was figuring out how to beat the boss-fight, and those so called ‘grown-up’ problems lay so far off in the distance they weren’t even on the horizon.

The colors dazzle and the air sparkles as you look back on and remember those golden years, but the music can also be thought of as a celebration of and an appreciation for the days of youth. It would have taken more like years rather than mere days for North Carolina’s Edaan Brook and Brint Hansen to collect, collate, reconstruct and subsequently record their collection of distinctly diverse samples. You could call it a form of recycling: creating new life out of older resources. Days never feels like it’s been rushed, because they create strong foundations out of the tonal wreckage, and like a great group of old friends the many tones all somehow seem to fit each other’s personalities. They are quick to find their groove, and they stay in it. There are plenty of ambient pauses, slow dives and candy-crushed melodies that help to loosen the music’s acceleration, and the whole record goes down like a lovely, cherry flavored knickerbocker glory. (James Catchpole)

Available here

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