A Sacred Cloud / Anarchist Mountains ~ Split EP


Anarchist Mountains is a project recently initiated between brothers Stefan and Jordan Christoff, working on opposite coasts of Canada.  Stefan is known primarily for his piano playing and activism, and is a member of the Howl! arts collective in Montreal.  In Anarchist Mountains,  Jordan uses Stefan’s raw piano recordings as source material to build new compositions, in a much more drone-oriented framework than in Stefan’s previous work, which includes collaborations with Xarah Dion (of Les Momies de Palerme) and many others.  Above,  you can listen to a reworking of “To Sophia” from Rodina, Stefan’s collaboration with Sam Shallabi (Shalabi Effect, Land of Kush).  A song about the difficulties of feeling at home is reinvigorated by the familial connection, a further exploration of the connection between the personal and the political.

A Sacred Cloud is a fascinating Montreal-based ensemble of electronic and electro-acoustic improvisers, working in a psychedelic and free-form mode, bringing together electronic drones, samples, voice, percussion and flute.  Their two contributions to this split were recorded during a live performance at a benefit concert for the Awan family, a family from Pakistan seeking refugee status in Canada currently taking sanctuary in a Montreal church to defy a deportation order from the Canadian government. The release was a joint project between Howl! arts collective & Jeunesse Cosmique. (Joseph Sannicandro)


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writer | traveler | sound organizer | contrarian | concerned citizen

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