LCNL 066: pjs ~ harvest


pjs is Jordan Christoff and Patrick Dique, an all hardware live electronic duo from the west coast of Canada. Victoria, BC is a small city on Vancouver Island, known for its lovely gardens and beautiful views of the ocean.  The music of  pjs seems right at home in such a lovely place, a slower pace of life with greater appreciation for the world around us, greater attention to the effects we have on one another. pjs play music with positive intention, and they put together this 4-part suite for us. Enjoy. (Joseph Sannicandro)

Download/stream at Soundcloud, or at Bandcamp for more option.  (Promise, will get caught up on Mixcloud by the end of the year)



What can you tell us about yourselves and this project?  What was its genesis?

pjs is sound healing. An exploratory project of celestial and earthly tonal visions. We create a nourishing spa for the consciousness that aims to give an experience that brings together emotional awareness, spiritual growth, energy and vibration. We are passionate about positive creation surrounding joy, healing, warmth and relaxation.

The sounds are created without the use of computers on electronic hardware, produced and recorded in the moment. We have been playing music together for about ten years, and have had many different musical projects. pjs is the culmination of vast sound exploration and has lead us to discovering a way to nourish our spiritual selves and our creative minds. “This project was a natural exploration of sound and the possibilities of our selves and our musical equipment. We started to branch out between jams, playing these endless, boundless tonal soundscapes to relax and feel at peace. We loved it so much, and felt so satisfied afterwards we started doing it more often than our other musical endeavors. From there its grown into a project on its own.”

And what about the mix itself?  Please tell me more about the process.

This mix is a four-part compilation of tracks recorded in 2014. As artists , we are always inspired by the natural world, however this projects roots stem from searching within ourselves and our relationship with the physical, celestial and spiritual realms. Personal growth, emotional connections and transcendent experiences gives rise to intangible questions of awareness and well being. What we do is a therapeutic activity for us to grow and discover ourselves.

What’s coming up on the horizon?

We are always posting fresh tracks on our soundcloud page and are currently working on a few independent releases. We occasionally play locally, in Victoria B.C. and are working on setting dates within Vancouver, Seattle and the surrounding west coast area. Stay Tuned…… The west coast encourages a very do it yourself approach for making shows happen which we enjoy as it encourages relationships between like-minded evolutionary musicians. However, there aren’t too many labels that push to discover new talent or unique musicians. The mainstream dj scene owns most of the musical venue space and it is quite difficult to set up shows without a mainstream backing or label. The west coast environment is enveloped by a lush clean atmosphere, which is conductive for creation. We have played for audiences at yoga studios, as well as art galleries during evenings to host our own events. Music during Yoga classes is something new, and it seems to be taking off quite well here on the west coast. Enjoy the mix, we love to play and to share our sound. Lifting spirits and expanding consciousness is what is important to us. It is for the love of music and the love of people.



4-part suite


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