Hybrid Palms ~ Rainbow Breeze

RBWelcome to Rainbow Breeze. It’s a highly colourful, exotic paradise overflowing with lucid, temperate tones and calming sounds. Deeper than tranquil, the music reflects a wholeheartedly peaceful scene and, like looking out on a family of white swans as they glide slowly across a silver lake, this clear-eyed serenity cannot be interrupted or broken.

In ambient circles, Rainbow Breeze is light and thin. She occasionally dips a toe in the shallow, new age stream. She thinks about crossing over, but vague ambient hues shy away from the water’s edge. Tropical temperatures press against the music. Palm trees sway lightly. The sticky climate can inflate the notes, but the sound is well-hydrated, watery despite the stillborn air that drains away the energy of the music. In the midday sun, it’s too hot to do anything. This kind of heat knocks everyone out. Rainbow Breeze never dries up, though. It’s constantly replenished by the sound of a serene stream, of fingers lightly circling the clear-cyan of the water. The music’s perpetually stuck in July. Tiny streams of water pass you by. They lead to pure sands and an archipelago of untouched, virgin islands. “Tropical Touch”, “Pacific Image” and “Bermuda Haunt” all relay the humidity and the light perspiration of the environment.

Hybrid Palms is actually a Russian musician, and Russia as we know doesn’t exactly benefit from a tropical climate, so in that sense, the music doesn’t really reflect its country of origin as it so often does. The chiming notes billow lightly, pushing ventilated arpeggios on the wind and perfuming the air. The very breeze has birthed this natural music. “Garden Phase” is a gentle walk through dreamy courtyards. Notes slowly float around ornate, golden pavilions. Sudden, unexpected flourishes can be heard as the trickling notes casually slide up and down. It’s music of the future, not of the past. The pretty light shines down as arpeggios light up the music. Tropical birds sing and chirp, adding to the main chorus of the music, awakening an inner calm and promoting serenity of spirit. (James Catchpole)


Available here

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