toy bizarre ~ kdi dctb 180

TOY-BIZARRE-kdi-dctb180A stellar year continues for Cedric Peyronnet (toy bizarre) on our site, as he continues to score reviews through careful attention to detail and drama.  kdi dctb 180 is yet another in a run of compelling sound works, this one available on clear 10″ vinyl as part of Drone Records’ Substantia Innominata series.  While this means that the release is shorter than usual, these tracks benefit from their relatively compact nature.

The series’ stated theme is that of “the unknown”, and Peyronnet writes in response, “There is a path deep in the woods, where, as a child, I used to run – walking was really too frightening there. Spent a lot of time there, trying to track down the essence of the place, trying to catch the unknown.”  He recently returned there to make this recording (which we assume was not done while running).  The opening minutes capture this sense of impending danger, of movement in the woods and unidentifiable cries.  At first we only hear a drain pipe, but then advancing drones and metallic rubs provide an impression of predatory creatures.  But something changes midway, and one can clearly identify the dividing line in the Soundcloud map below.  The music stops, giving way to the sound of pure flowing water.  The nightmares have been dispelled, and finally the artist is free to walk, not run, even to sit for a while.  Even as water is added unto water, a sense of safety remains.

The second side takes similar turns, beginning with the crunch of underbrush ~ we can hear his clear footsteps laid atop a bed of what may be cicadas and mourning doves.  Darker whirls enter midway, as if to say, “we’re not done with you yet, Peyronnet.”  But the trick is on them, as the artist is in control this time.  He’s the one in the studio, taming the tones.  If the sounds remain frightening at this point, it’s only by his design.  By flipping fear on its head, the artist has produced a triumphant document, a sonic flashlight in the woods.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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