Matthewdavid’s Mindflight ~ Trust The Guide And Glide

Mindflight.jpgImagination is a fantastical thing. It’s also incredibly real, despite its inner refuge. If something doesn’t manifest physically (a thought, for instance), it doesn’t make it any less real. The inner crypts of the mind can still shape and influence the physical, outer world. A thought can be written down, paving the way for the first words that make up the first page of a book that could in one way or another influence and change the world.

An imaginary world – the one inside our minds – can be just as believable as the one presented to us by reality. And who’s to say that reality is ‘real’? We all perceive the world in a different, individual way. The world sinks in through the senses and is then processed by the mind. So what’s truth and what’s fiction?

Enter Matthewdavid’s Mindflight (Los Angeles-based Matthew David McQueen), whose Trust The Guide And Glide continues LEAVING’s Modern New Age series. Sparkling like a thousand crystals over aquamarine waters, the music is refreshingly pure. The air is fresh, the color of the glinting sea as the sun catches the water somehow enhanced by the tropical surroundings. The music is a portal of positivity, a passive meditation in which to rest a weary mind, body and soul. These pacifist notes are a joy to listen to as they effortlessly energize your very being.

Cyan seas, running waterfalls and tropical jungles sit underneath the blue sky, its diversity making it more in line with a magical coloring book. Smoothly drawn sections burst with color and vibrancy. Lucid tones and textures as light as a rainbow arc over the sky, painting the music from one end to the other. Half open eyes gaze out at the dreamy layers of a musical paradise. Deep rhythms throb underneath the golden light of the synth, losing themselves and enjoying every second as they swim freely. With Trust The Guide And Glide, New Age has advanced.

Bathing in warmth, the music showers under a rain of tranquility. It’s like coming home. Each track has differing qualities, but they all link up beautifully. In that sense, listening in one sitting is the best way to experience the music, but there’s an ocean of depth in every single track. Sounds leave physical footprints behind, just as a deep, consuming bass rattles a window. It all comes from the imagination. This kind of music takes you into another zone, transfiguring and reverting New Age music back into what it first was: music for endless sunshine, and music for dreamers. (James Catchpole)

Release Date: March 25



Available here

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