Le Révélateur ~ Hyper

coverDekorder’s creative Hybrid Series returns with Le Révélateur‘s Hyper, a glorious slice of experimental electronics cut into the black grooved side of a picture disc.  The record is not only suitable for wall display, it offers a remarkable pair of musical pieces as well.

Le Révélateur (composer Roger Tellier-Craig and visual artist Sabrina Ratté) produce engaging electronic music that delves into dance culture without being danceable.  These are the pulses and beeps one might encounter in techno, but while the tempos are steady, no drum beat occurs, nor would we want one, as it might cheapen the presentation.  Instead, these tracks expose the guts, the inner circuitry, the architecture of their electricity.  The 12″ format allows it to be heard in a deeper fashion.

Because these tracks are untethered to any popular format, they exist as both an alternative to the mainstream and a possible path forward.  Hints of drone decorate the outskirts, but that’s where the comparisons end.  Every sound seems carefully placed, the opposite of program-led, generative music.  Such precision mimics the promised order of technology, while continuous changes in pattern and timbre intimate the problems of the same technology; in a digital world, order and expectation are often confused.  Consider for example the computer glitch that causes a program to stutter, the suddenly dropped call, the fried circuit.

Tellier-Craig turns technology back toward the realm of beauty: the wide, glittering promise of sleek machines and exciting innovations.  He and his partner seem enamored by the possibilities inherent in software.  This frees them to create music that takes the form of modern composition, while resting within the realm of electronics.  Few composers are able to accomplish such a feat without devolving into abstraction.  On the other end of the spectrum, far too many take the easy route, focusing on only a handful of sounds or patterns.  Hyper may contain only two tracks, yet these works hold hundreds of ideas, more than might be expected on a full album.  It’s a testament not only to the composer, but to the label, as this series has yielded more than its fair share of distinctive works.  Subscriptions are available for those who are only learning about the Hybrid Series today.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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