Slow Attack Ensemble ~ Soundscapes for the Emotional-Type Listener

 soundscapesA precious beauty surrounds Soundscapes for the Emotional-Type Listener. It might fall apart if it’s so much as lightly brushed. Chuck Blazevik’s music has been covered here at ACL before with his Dreamsploitation project, and as Slow Attack Ensemble his music is a touch paler, its introspected, shimmering sound encased in permanent fragility. These pretty, drifting soundscapes are of a shy soul, melting into the background and retreating into the solitude of decades past.

The timid notes are, on the surface, at least, undemanding – not wishing for anything else, not requiring anything else: just being. The music’s relaxed without being sleepy-eyed or bleary. Splotches of reverb ghost in and around its slender atmosphere, protecting the music with a tone made from the softest cotton. The dated sounds are from another period, extracted from the late 1970’s or early 80’s.

Like water splashing over a cold face, the slippery tones dribble over the uneven topography of a cupped palm, dripping into the piano’s cobalt pools.The music’s the sound of running water, flowing as one. “Elegy for Elodie” loops a cold lament, constructing a series of slow, thin and indistinct textures which bleed into each other, while “Cold Dream” drops the temperature with a January melody. This track chains itself to a subdued lower register, and the notes can only quiver in the cold. ‘After Images’ is as light as a trace of ink, the notes fading and reappearing. It’s the sound of a premature dawn, and it slowly brightens the record. The playful notes overlap one another, and as they continue to loop, they become even brighter, like sunshine over Orlando. The notes are dreaming of clearer waters and clearer skies, an exotic paradise too good to be true, complete with speedy trills and lilting notes mirroring the vocal chatter of a school of dolphins. The scent is light, and as pretty as a distant rose. (James Catchpole)

Available here

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