Meta Mora ~ Arc of the Sun

metamoreFeel the solar breath exhaling its golden heat, warming all things. Feel the music tanning and relaxing your body.

Arc of the Sun is a fond reminder of summers gone, but it’s also a premonition of future walks along the beach. The music is in off-season, and the time of day arcs around from early dusk to late evening. For thirty minutes this sanctuary of sand is yours, only yours, and the lush music fuels the sunset.

On the horizon, the Sun travels along in a downward arc. A flaming yellow and amber lags across the sky, eventually spreading its exotic, evening glow and burning away what edges of blue remain. The water reflects a colorful bruise in the sky as the sun levitates over the ocean.

The radiant “Solar Breath” is a constant flare, throbbing at regular, rhythmic intervals. Tinkling shards light up the water as they cross the drone’s trajectory, bringing a sparkle of clarity. The Sun is a volcanic cauldron, a composer of uncaring, torturous activity and a giver of life, supplying energy to this third rock and beyond. Arc of the Sun is just the right temperature.

“Distance Flare” is even more laid-back; almost coasting into new age territory with a glinting, tropical sound and a sprinkling of psychedelia. Deeper tones that swim in the deep end blur together, and a light, scattered and breezy beat keeps the music steady. It replaces the opening drone’s pulsating core; one is a drone and one is a beat, but they’re both rhythmic. The track morphs halfway into its fifteen minutes. The distant melody drops out. All is silent. And then, bright, sparkling notes begin to cascade, turning the music into a waterfall of light. This is the most experimental part, but it feels like the sunset moment, the ball of light scorching and then surrendering to the ocean. Arc of the Sun cherishes and celebrates the sunset. Like an ice-chilled DJ set by the side of the beach, the ending of the day is a savoured transition, a moment to celebrate. The ghost-like melody returns and leaves behind a sublime afterglow. Arc of the Sun is for sunworshippers. Come all ye faithful. (James Catchpole) 


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