Various Artists ~ Anticipation of an Uncertain Future

coverHow wonderful to wake up in a new year with new music!  Preserved Sound has just posted a brand-new compilation with a fitting title, Anticipation of an Uncertain Future.  The sounds are soothing, peaceful and above all, hopeful ~ a perfect start to the new year.  With tracks from releases new and old, the timing of the release could not have been better.  This is music for hurting heads, anxious minds and troubled hearts, and best of all, it’s offered as a name-your-price download.  Preserved Sound writes that the compilation “aims to distract the listener’s attention from the absurdity of the times we live in … even just for 40 minutes.”  But it does more than this ~ the music, from artists including Aaron Martin, Endless Melancholy and Poppy Nogood, seems to tell us that everything’s going to be okay.  This year, we wish calm to a tumultuous world, reason in the face of insanity, and peace, inner and outer, to all.  We’ll be back tomorrow with our Winter Music Preview, but for now, a huge thanks to Preserved Sound and a Happy New Year to all our readers!  Enjoy the sounds of the compilation below.  (Richard Allen)

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