LCNL 078: Jilk’s Slumber Party mix


Our first mix of 2017 comes from Jilk, a Bristol collective  whose music is shaped from collaged found-sounds, glitch cuts and clicks, and deep ambient soundscapes. A perfect eclectic mix to get lost on in these difficult winter months.  More coming very soon.  Sleep tight. (Joseph Sannicandro)

Listen or download at Soundcloud.


Please introduce yourself.

This is Jilk – we are a collective made of many people.  One of us said: “I got involved in music because my mum didn’t want me to play with the neighbourhood kids so made me learn piano when I was 7.”

What’s the scene like in your area? Any artists or labels you’d like to highlight?

We’re lucky enough to live in Bristol UK – there is a great diversity of scenes in just this one city – lots of experimental scenes – people making great art for no money. Its wonderful.

Examples include Kayla PainterThe Howling Owl label and the Domestic Sound Cupboard improvisational group.

Tell us a bit about the mix.

We tried to make the mix as democratic as possible. We all threw tracks into a hat without worrying if they’d fit together  – then we organised it by sequencing it in Pro Tools. We like to blur the lines between remixing / mixing / building brand new tracks from other tracks. I guess it’s music that influences our writing as well.

We wanted it to feel a bit dream like – its definitely a headphones/alone time mix.

What’s coming up on the horizon for you? 

We just had a track (“All Dust From”) on the Project Mooncircle 15th Anniversary Compilation.  They were kind enough to release our EP In Need of Tess last year.  Hopefully our new album Joy In the End will be out this year (not sure we’ve told anyone else that).

We will gig a bit in the UK. Find us if you can.



1. Drone Intro
2.Alva Noto – Isola
3.Dawn of Midi – Sinope
4.Colin Stetson – All the days I’ve missed you
5.Lexaunculpt – Oddrey Merged
6.Jilk – All Dust Form
7.Opiate – Amstel
8.Matmos – Spondee
9.MF DOOM – Great Day (four tet remix)
10.Steve Reich – Electronic Counterpoint 1
11.Portico Quartet – Ruins
12.The Caretaker – All you’re going to want to do is get back there
13.Mogwai – Christmas steps
14.Jilk – Green Reprise (drone edit)
15.Beach Boys – Life of a tree
16.End drone

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