Der Waldläufer ~ Fluidum

fluidumAn inner light and an outer shell of sunshine helps Fluidum to glow, blossoming like a flower of deep blue. From the very first arpeggiated chord, you know you’re in a place of positive intention, a place of compassion and serenity. This is deeply soulful music, rainforest-lush, from German chillout maestro, Der Waldläufer.

The reverb and guitar-led swells of “Blossom Sun” scent the air like a sweet, post-Valentine’s Day perfume. The chorus effect is a light dab of makeup, and it brightens the kind face of a melody. But intimate details aren’t really required. You need only to relax, let it wash over you. It’s less about what notes you use and more about the general atmosphere those notes create.

Slow and casual horns are a welcome change, not only adding another ice cube to an icy-yet-fluid track but providing a slice of relief from the clinking rhythms and the slow-burning harmonies. This is deep bliss, and at times reminiscent of Groove Armada‘s sand dunes and intakes of salty air. Rather than being insipid, Fluidum is very much inspired; it’s a pleasure to lose yourself in music as beautiful as this. Summer is remembered with its general vibe of Balearic warmth, of indigo-bruised sunsets and white sands fading to a mute afterglow of mascara. Familiar tropes for ambient music, sure, but they’re used for a reason, and the relaxing music is like a pearl in its clarity.

On this paradise isle, a fluttering flute floats by, its feathers stirring up a breeze that brings a scent as soft as lavender on the air, adding yet another burst of color. The wildlife here is a delightful contrast of citrus and lime. Mysterious birds call to each other, a colorful chorus in an exotic song. Bright chords slowly bloom until they resemble healthy, light-giving halos, much like the Sun herself. With its love for the ocean blue, the music never strays too far from the surf of the shoreline. Instruments that were famed for having an attack as sharp as a broad sword have been softened, and their watery tones offer them a new, peaceful way of life. Fluidum’s downtempo music gushes with both kindness and good karma. (James Catchpole)

Available here

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