50 Albums in 8 Days!

Yes, that’s a lot of music.  We hope that you’ve checked out our Spring Music Preview to get the skinny on the first 200 albums of spring.  But if you’d prefer only the music, we recommend heading to our News page right now, where samples of over 100 upcoming albums are streaming, over half of which will be released in the next 8 days!  It’s hard to keep track of so much music, which is why we’ve hired the students pictured in the photo.  They are not allowed to go home for the weekend until they finish their homework!

As a special bonus, we continue to add songs to our News page daily as new announcements are made ~ the page already includes dozens of tracks that only came in this week!  With all that has been going on in the world recently, it’s encouraging to know that so many people are using their creative energy to add beauty to life.  Thank you to all of our labels, artists and readers ~ may you find your next favorite album right here!  (Richard Allen)

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