Ten Tracks That Sound Like Summer

According to the calendar, summer is still nine days away, but we’re already picturing the sun, the boards, the beach.  Intrepid adventurers have ventured into the water early, while for those in northern climes, the wait is excruciating.  It’s never too soon for summer music.

Some of these songs were released earlier in the year; others are yet to come.  We’re more interested in the way they sound.  Some shimmer and others shout, but each one sounds like summer.  We hope that you’ll enjoy our selection.  A happy summer to all of our listeners!

Our cover image comes from The Boom Case, makers of specialty boom boxes and barrels: new products with a vintage appeal!

Last Days ~ Fading Shore (n5MD)
We’ll ease our way into the chart with the sound of seabirds and soft surf ~ a melancholic beginning, yet filled with the hope of long, unencumbered days and sweet, serene nights.


The Green Kingdom ~ Oval Beach (Lost Tribe Sound)
Here’s a track for the lazy morning hours, when one is just beginning to stretch, to make the coffee, to ease open the curtains.  The sound may come as a surprise to some, as this is the first time The Green Kingdom has gone acoustic.  “Oval Beach” is a bonus track from The North Wind and the Sun, set for release on 4 August.


Penguin Cafe & Cornelius ~ Solaris (Cornelius Mix) (Erased Tapes)
This popular piece comes from a sold-out Record Store Day release that is about to be shared with the general public.  We can be grateful that this lovely collaboration is about to see the light of day, since we think of sunshine whenever we hear it ~ and the waves at the end bring us the rest of the way.


Spectateur ~ Burgers (The French Touch Connection)
A novelty hit to be sure, but one that makes us really hungry for burgers, and reignites the popular conversation over what constitutes a great burger (my own recipe involves fried onions, cajun spice, chipotle, Cracker Barrel cheese and a honey wheat English muffin).


Kafuka ~ Saunter (Project Mooncircle)
The track begins with light mist and something that sounds like a rainstick.  By the middle, the drums and chimes have taken control.  As light as a breeze, yet memorable in timbre, “Saunter” is taken from the artist’s new album, Laws of Nature.


Claude Speeed ~ Fifth Fortress (Planet Mu)
This bright synth piece hearkens back to the heyday of techno trance.  But guess what, Ma ~ no drums! It’s the first single from Infinity Ultra, set for release on 14 July.


Lullatone ~ the existential dilemma of a melting ice cream cone (Self-released)
There are 13 summer tracks on Thinking About Thursdays, but this Casio piece is the one that sounds most like summer ~ specifically like a carnival, a calliope or an ice cream truck.


Aesthesys ~ Marea crescente (Self-released)
We don’t review singles at ACL ~ there’s just too many of them.  So we’re happy to have found a way to feature the new release from Russian post-rockers Aesthesys.  The violins make the difference on this track, taken from the just-released double-A Marea.


Alpha Male Tea Party ~ Nobody Had the Heart To Tell Him He Was On Fire (Big Scary Monsters)
Party rock at its best, “Nobody” is filled with happy summer riffs that beg listeners to practice air guitar on the beach.  It’s taken from the band’s upcoming album Health.


te’ ~ 玲瓏たる純潔は『紅炎』の傀儡を疾らせ、暁天に燦めく証を刻む。(改)(Zankyo)
You can be forgiven for thinking you’re hearing “Paint It Black” in the opening chords.  Soon after that, you’ll be thinking of Metallica.  Nobody jams quite like te’.  This is the opening track from their recently released and soon to be reviewed EP Kai.

Richard Allen

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