LCNL 087: Monrovani presents House of Mystery


Out latest mix comes from Radoslav Morovani compiled with this special season in mind. Happy Halloween!


Download/listen at Soundcloud



Please introduce yourself.

I craft & edit sound for commercial enterprise such as games, sound therapy, marketing.

From an early age influences included Hammer films, giallo cinema, Lovecraft, Poe, Peter Straub. After completing a sound tech apprenticeship at a studio in Dublin I fell back into contract electronics. I Developed my existing knowledge by acquiring the right books, learned, listened, developed a strategy & equipped myself to harness my imagination. Some years of DJing at parties & clubs helped to augment my practical production insight & galvanize my skills. In time I found that a love of movies, music & production technology had run full circle. So after exploring different sounds while recording for Sect Records & Edify Recordings, under different monikers, a dark instinct reached out from my past, redirecting my skills to craft a dark sound.


Tell us about the mix.

There is no magic if a sorcerer shares all their secrets. But I can say that a selection of digital & analogue sources are summed from an analogue desk & EQ before digital mix down & capture.

‘I’m a storyteller & my stories must be told’… I attempt to apply a narrative aesthetic to mixing as I do composing. All material used in the mix has been selected to create a dark, cohesive, dreamlike experience referencing snapshots of my influences. I felt duty bound to include some Marcus Fjellström RiP out of respect to his memory & his immense musical talent. The tribal vibe of The Creatures’ sound happened to fit but I have a lifelong admiration for Siouxsie & the Banshees. I also included work of new acquaintances, Sana Obruent, Sim Hutchins as I dig their sound & they fitted this brief. The version of Marian I included is among my favorite Sisters’ [of Mercy] tracks & possibly the best rendition of that song, timeless as it is haunting. But everything I’ve used has its significance.


Share something about your local community/scene.

Although based in EU, the UK is a second home where I collaborate with @filigreenight to organise & perform at left field electronic music events alongside fellow travelers, Buttonmoon, Cjmann, EyeVJ, Acid Iron Kid. I recently compiled a promotional mix for the UK screening of Cosmotropia De Xam’s Phantasmagoria film, which was organised by The Filigree Society in collaboration with Phantasma Disques.

Anything coming up on the horizon for you that you want to plug? New music, shows, etc?

Alongside occupational commitments I’m currently collaborating on fresh material with an established producer within the witch-house community. I’m also discussing plans for a potential release of material with an Italian label.


Vampire Circus main titles – David Whitaker

Terror main titles – Ivor Slaney

Sterilisation (The Thing OST) – Ennio Morricone

Brick Through A Church Window – Sim Hutchins

Sandstrumental-2b-testcut-3 – Astral Department

The Journey – Sana Obruent

Untitled 090616 – Marcus Fjelstrom

New Life – Yellow Swans

Boy With Wound – Marcus Fjelstrom

Lunokhod 1 Wakes Laika – Buttonmoon

Untitled (Part Four) – Indifferent Senility

A Secret Life part 2 – D’agostino/Foxx/Jansen

Gas – Rene Hell

River Song – Richard Skelton

Dispersed Memory – Ghost Harmonic

Hot Springs In The Snow – The Creatures

Night Heroin – Flowers For Bodysnatchers

An Avalanche – Simon Scott

Psyche Ritual demo cut – Monrovani

Ice House – The Creatures

Marian – Sisters Of Mercy

Horror Express – Videogram

Campfire Story – The Fog OST

Hideous Unknown – Malefic Intent

About Joseph Sannicandro

writer | traveler | sound organizer | contrarian | concerned citizen

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  1. Awesome mix! Wish I had listened to it on Halloween though. Nice to see Yellow Swans and Marcus Fjellstrom, and my favorite discoveries were Flowers for Bodysnatchers and Ghost Harmonic. Thanks Mr. Morovani!

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