LCNL 092: DBGO presents ‘Las Nubes proyectaban sobre los llanos’

Regular readers probably know that I am a big fan of Italian music. Last year I was listening to some record or another on youtube while working when autoplay took me to something I wasn’t familiar with. The youtube playlist was compiled by DBGO, which I eventually followed back to a Souncloud account where I discovered his two volume mix of Italian minimalism called Ondulazione Temporanea (Vol 1 and Vol 2) with cover images from Bruce Nauman and Giorgio De Chirico.  Sold.  I wrote to him right then with an invite to produce a mix for us. And he certainly delivered. DBGO seems to prefer to let the music do the talking, so I’ll follow his example.  Enjoy. (Joseph Sannicandro)

Download/listen at Soundcloud


Please introduce yourself.

I’m an engineer and record collector.

You’re in Barcelona. Anything you want to share about your local scene?

Record shops are for me the epicentre of the local scene, the old school Wah Wah, and the newer school Paradiso are the places I feel most comfortable with in terms of selection and crowd, I also like to attend local record fairs and visit other music lovers’ houses every now and then. LEM festival is for me the most important local reference for underground music, it’s 22 years old strong and it is only focused in experimental local and international music. It’s a miracle and a blessing that it has lived for so long.

What can you tell us about your mix?

I don’t pay that much attention to the mix as I do to the selection that usually takes me months to put together, I have a hard time choosing. I usually intuitively pick a group of artists and navigate their commonalities, this normally floats a vague aesthetic idea. The mix is just a means to lay it down.

In this case I picked my tracks mostly from late eighties Spanish solo artist with very unique voices. There’s a couple of pieces from Samuel Aguilar a mature artist from Lanzarote, a very inspiring Spanish Atlantic Island with a very interesting local experimental scene profoundly scarred by its black lava landscape. There’s also a dense, ship loading inspired drone from Victor Nubla, an influential figure of Barcelona underground. I added a rare song from Amordiscos, a band within the now classic Hyades Arts record label (home of artists like Iury Lech and Sueño de Hyparco). There’s also a late Luis Paniagua couple of songs from the same label, Luis is an Indian and early Mediterranean music interpreter and investigator, and his songs always bring an intelligent aroma from both traditions.

The title is stolen from a poem from Pablo Guerrero, with music by the great Juan Alberto Arteche Gual.

Anything coming up on the horizon you’d like to share?

In the horizon there’s only my son who is about to be born.

Congrats!  Thanks for sharing this mix with us.


Sorry folks, this one is meant to be more opaque than usual.


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  1. DBGO

    Thanks for the chance Joseph, I’ve shared some of the tracks in my YT channel:

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