Gray Acres ~ Gray Acres

GAGray Acres won’t ring any bells, but its two musicians are recognizable – brothers Andrew and Michael Tasselmyer, of Hotel Neon and The Sound Of Rescue.

Gray Acres is deep and pacifying, filling the atmosphere with a dose of uninterrupted kindness. The notes are both expansive and infinite, glued together in a nebulous atmosphere of resuscitation and rest. It stands out with a seguing series of slow, deep swells and stunning soundscapes, every single second coming across as a breathtaking moment.

The drones are free, their open arms overlooking an unlimited expanse. A cool breath of air ruffles a note, and a lone blade of grass dances in its wake. Field recordings pepper the background. “Return To Self” is the sound of freedom, a valley of peace where cloudy drones roll over the shrouded landscape. “Rituals of Belief” is equally deep and loose, and despite the repeating, linear nature of its darker drone, the music is incredibly spacious, echoing gently and eternally, free of the constrictions of gravity. Clouds continue to dissolve as we arrive at “Portal”. The clearer, higher drone is more hopeful here, ushering in a more radiant, stable and see-through light.

Eyes-closed music.

Deep moods require a deeper level of subtlety and sensitivity; a musical maturity is needed, and they both have this understanding. The drones inhale and then exhale in long, slow sighs of relief, providing a settled, rhythmical motion and a sedated movement, each breath leading us closer to the dream house. In this place, we can dream together. (James Catchpole) 

Available here

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