Field Harmonics ~ Corpsing

cover imageCorpsing‘s ghostly whispers point to a deeper frailty, a dying and a subsequent rebirth, seeping out of the music and then refilling the gaps with a fresh coat of sonic paint. As it was with the birth of the cosmos, so it is with music: it rapidly expands, flowering in front of the face. From one sound comes every other sound.

Pupils dilate to take in more of its spreading, ephemeral beauty. Field Harmonics moves from one end of the electronic spectrum to the other like an ethereal crossfader, effortlessly mixing the fizzling, airy electronica with an intoxicating ambient aroma. A hard-hitting track will transform into an empty room lit by a lone scented candle, and his abstinence from rhythm only gives the record more space. The beautifully-dislocated ‘Cigarettes’ is a perfect example of a sweet and copacetic marriage, where heart bonds with heart and soul kisses soul. Scattershot vocals and unfinished syllables are glued together under the ambient firmament, sticking to its inner swirls and outer cusps; raspberry and vanilla mixing together, creating a swirling band of color to rival the Milky Way Galaxy.

 These two electronic and ambient soulmates have found each other at last.

Field Harmonics keeps the balancing act going, as everything is in perfect order. While Corpsing is described as a deconstruction of pop sensibilities from his 2016 album, Corners, the music feels less like a demolition and more like a new creation, revealing a fresh beauty from what has inevitably faded away. (James Catchpole)

Available here

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