LCNL 094: Moon Ra presents ‘Back to School: Cherubini Session CHIMERA’

Rosa Maria Sarri goes by many names: Marie Rose, Marie e le Rose, MonoLogue. Here she dons her Moon Ra persona to gift us a unique sonic postcard of healing and transition. A snapshot of music she’s been listening to while teaching at one conservatory while studying at another one, the result is a substantive and exquisite journey that makes a unique installment in our series.  I’ve included some of Marie’s music in my own mixes over the years (namely for Secret Thirteen and NTS) and have reviewed a number of her records and collaborations for this very site. I was therefore very pleased when she accepted my invitation to contribute to this series, and am honored to present Back to School: Cherubini Session CHIMERA. Sound design and artificial soundscapes blend seamlessly with musical passages, using sounds to evoke sensations that transcend the typical mix format. For this reason we do not include a full tracklist, but you might detect work by Wanda Group, Nuno Canavarro, Alvin Lucier, Kwisp and others. Let these vibrations welcome you home. (Joseph Sannicandro)


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[Image: Alberto Burri, “Sacco” (1953)]


Please introduce yourself.

Now….this is the most difficult question for me in every interview. Luciano Berio said that a composer is  considered like that if the society recognize him this statement.So I am in good company!!

But, besides this consideration, if I have to describe my relationship with the sound, I have to say that I am a sound lover in many different meanings (musician, researcher, sound designer, music therapist, teacher and sound engineer).

Anything you want to share about your local scene? What labels, artists make up your local scene that you want people to know?

I am based in Florence. Now Florence is a city with very few places where we can play: the “florentine musical scene” was flourishing in the 80s but now the occasions to perform are really limited  and organized by only a few realities.The consequence is that we have a depleted reality in every sense. In addition to that, the public institution don’t dedicate enough time, spaces and resources to help arts to grow up in the city.

I don’t like so much the term “scene” cause I think you can talk about a scene only when it is visible, otherwise I prefer to use the term “laboratory”, fed by a lot of people, visible and not. E.g.: at the moment I decided to take back my studies and attend the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory of Florence where I met a lot of talented musicians and artists that are not so visible on the “scene” but are a continuous source of inspiration and cultural enrichment. A great occasion to meet these talents is the “Diffrazioni” Festival, that will take place in June, organized by the department of “Music and New Technologies” of the Conservatory in the person of the professor Alfonso Belfiore, great teacher and musician, pupil of the great Luigi Dallapiccola.

So if you want me to give you some names of interesting realities, I would like to talk about the label Sound Against Humanity, run by Edoardo Cammisa, that is not florentine but deserves attention, with releases by artists as Aidan Baker, Camilla Pisani, Mothell and many others; another label and another musician, in this case a florentine one, is Biodiversità Records run by Pietro Michi aka FossaDelRumore, that takes particularly care and worthy risk of publishing releases with very good but unknown artists.
I would also like to name all the artists, musicians and non musicians, which I collaborated with, independently from where there are based in. E.g.: Piero Bernardini, Daniele Principato, Giuseppe Cordaro, Monica Ferreira, Daniele Vergni,…….

I really love the idea of the sound postcard. Anything more you’d like to tell us about this gift of yours?

As I told you before, I am attending the Conservatory and this gave me the chance to listen very much to a particular kind of music: the contemporary music as it is studied in all the music schools and the less known musical productions that enclose peculiarities noteworthy.

Tapping into this musical field I built a “chimera”, a big track composed by parts of other tracks, so not a classical mix but a photo, a postcard of my musical current life at the moment (as the italian postcards say:”Saluti da….”/“Greetings from…..”).

I hope you like it!

Anything coming up on the horizon you want to plug? Anything else you’d like to mention?

“I’ve been making a man, with blonde hair and a tan and he’s good for relieving my tension….”, joking aside, for those who love like me the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I am working at many things and in my 40s, I still have to learn how to draw my horizon. So, send me your best energies and I wish you “buon ascolto”, in every sense.


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