LCNL 095: SUBDUXTION presents Darkness is Your Ally

Christopher Gilmore (aka subduxtion, FluiD), is a Kansas City, Missouri (US) based electronic musician, DJ, composer, technologist and sound artist. The latest edition to the Alrealon Musique family, Gilmore released the ‘Ambulate’ b/w ‘Dry’ EP in February of this year, with follow up due out later this year.  Here subduxtion delivers a banging mix of hard-hitting beats that is sure to get anyone’s body moving. While his music is certainly dance-floor oriented, he draws on dark ambient textures, industrial moods, and dub-inspired techniques resulting in an engrossing listen even for those not usually tuned into the club. Come on, nod your head.  And as Gilmore insists, Play it Loud!!! (Joseph Sannicandro)

Download/stream at Soundcloud


Please introduce yourself.

My name is Christopher Gilmore, I’m a multi-instrumentalist/producer/composer. I release music under the name subduxtion. I would describe my music as murky, dark and at times, vicious. I draw influence from industrial, drone-metal, ambient, dub and noise-core. I’ve just recently released a single on Alrealon Musique, entitled ‘Ambulate’ b/w ‘Dry’.

Tell me about Kansas city.  I feel like we’re hearing more lately from producers away from the coasts.  What’s your local scene like?

The scene here is actually pretty diverse. On any given night you can find whatever type of music you like at one of the many music venues, here in KC. We’ve also have several record stores that do a lot of in-store shows as well. All in all, a pretty healthy and expanding scene.

Tell us about the mix.

The mix combines tracks from some of my influences/favorites as well as what I’m currently listening to. It’s in many ways a direct reflection of what my live sets sound like. If you come and see me perform live, sonically this is what you can expect to hear. I also wanted to give some insight into what inspires and motivates me musically. As a whole it has weight, atmosphere and a lot of dirt. Play it Loud!

What have you go coming up on the horizon you’d like to plug?

Later this year, there will be a new EP. I’m currently working on this. Later in the year, I’m doing some east coast shows with my Alrealon labelmate, JOHN 3:16. The shows are at the end of The August, into the first week of September.

Thanks, Chris!


subduxtion – What is War? (Hegemony Mix)
R/S – IV
Distortion Six – Savage
Welt In Scherben – Eisen Im Feuer
Xentrifuge – A Summoning
Uncto – Schinder
Black Mecha – Archetypo
Derlich – Fight
Kerridge – NCV
Necro Deathmort – Bleeding
Godflesh – Avalanche Master Song
Rodhad – Target Line
Verset Zero – Suplicium (Huren Remix)
subduxtion – Dry
Savier – Disorder Brigade (Submechanical Remix)
HIDE – Wildfire

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