LCNL 097: Teleseen presents the Emotional Life of Savages

Our 97th mix comes courtesy of Gabriel Cyr, aka Teleseen, a Brooklyn-based DJ and producer. Gabriel recently released his fifth LP, entitled The Emotional Life of Savages via the French imprint Goldmin Music. An Africanoir resident and a record collecting connoisseur, as Teleseen, Gabriel fuses live African rhythms and Latin Jazz vibes with electronic music filtered through year’s of experience as a DJ. The result is a globe hopping, hypnotic, polyrhythmic experience sure to expand your consciousness. Sharing its name with his latest record, this mix digs into some of Gabriel’s influences and mixes them alongside Teleseen tracks old, new and unreleased. Get moving. (Joseph Sannicandro)

download/stream at soundcloud


Tell us about the mix. 

It’s a mix of CDJs and vinyl, all loosely assembled around the theme of things that are inspiring me these days and some of my own tracks, some older, some from my current release, and a few unreleased ones.

What are you most feeling that’s going on in NY these days? The city is obviously crazy expensive and we always hear about this or that club closing down, how much better the parties used to be, etc etc, but what’s got you excited about the NY scene these days, what keeps you in NY?

New York is definitely an increasingly inhospitable place for musicians or artists of any kind, but there are strong currents and deep roots that remain. I stay because regards the trends of the city from year to year it will always be home for me even though I’ve lived a lot of other places. Definitely the funnest stuff I have been to this year has been people converting residential spaces into party spaces, which seems to be the trend these days for obvious reasons. Here in Bed Stuy where I live that kind of thing is bubbling up a lot these days. I’m also always excited for Carnival here, or Caribbean Day as we call it. Definitely always one if the highlights of the year.

The Emotional Life of Savages came out earlier this year. What’s up next? Any shows or future releases you want to plug?

I’m in process of setting a label that will feature some releases for myself, Portuguese live electronic group Niagara, and a few new Brazilian artists. Look for that towards the end of this year.



  1. Berimbau e Lemanjá – Coflo
  2. Hudson (Archetyp Remix) – Teleseen
  3. Maasai Women – Bobby Konders
  4. Boipeba – Joakim
  5. Anamorph (Niagara Remix) – Teleseen
  6. Espelhos – Teleseen
  7. TB or Not TB – DJ Spinna
  8. Warnings – Teleseen
  9. Distant Drums(Ectomorph & The Fantasy Remix) – Teleseen
  10. Poiesis – Zopelar & Felipe Zá
  11. Midnite Bheng – Jumping Back Slash
  12. Fundos – Teleseen
  13. Shake it Baby(Instrumental) – Mr De’
  14. Decenter(Alter Echo Remix) – Teleseen
  15. Pinball Calypso – Konga
  16. Brettino’s Bounce – Funkadellic
  17. Temporada de Chuva(Rainy Season) – Teleseen
  18. Rufar dos Tambores – LascaMão
  19. Ascender – Niagara
  20. Tranz – MAW Electronic
  21. Høst(DJ Sotifett’s Støydubb) – Bjørn Torske
  22. Twilight(Live in Paris) – Carl Craig


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