Abby Lee Tee presents Cold Spell Days & Hesitant Yearlings [mix]

Abby Lee Tee (Fabian Holzinger, b. 1987) is an Austrian producer and DJ whom we once described as being more playful than an otter. His ever-evolving solo material has drawn on a wide range of influences from beat tapes to ambient, utilizing field recordings and unusual instruments. Abby Lee Tee’s work has shown up recently in Giovanni Lami‘s Tapeocracy mix as well as the most recent episode of the Sound Propositions podcast. He has produced a bunch of Guest mixes over the years, and we’re pleased to share his latest here on ACL. This is a laid back mix of beats and ambient sound composed while overcoming a cold during the recent transition to Spring. Enjoy.


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Please introduce yourself.

I’m a producer / DJ / sound artist – or just call it musician – based in Linz, Austria. I started doing music in my teenage years, being obsessed with hip hop and DJing first, also as a part of the (still existing) group hinterland.  Then started producing too and got interested in various kinds of electronic music and my production (and DJ-sets) got more and more eclectic – leading to experimental music and a faible for field recordings nowadays. But I’m still interested in club-related music too, also running this concert series called “the future sound” (with fino / stadtwerkstatt) since 2010. So it’s a pretty wide range of activities from releasing music as a solo artist, occasional collabo projects and remixes, DJing and playing live, but also doing installations, music for theater plays or sound design for video art.

What’s the scene like where you are based?

Linz is a pretty small city (but still the third biggest in Austria) located in between Vienna and Munich. Known for its steel industry back in the days it has a rich history in underground and diy music (mostly spreading around the venues “kapu” & “stadtwerkstatt”), before the administration also started trying to change the image of the city to a more culture-related. So basically i think we have a lot of talented artists from different scenes all knowing and being able to inspire each other, but yeah – not that much audience and media attention. It’s provincial, but a good, familiar base for me – you can dive into nature very quickly, but it’s also just 75 minutes by train to Vienna and its vibrant art scene.

Tell us about the mix.

Like most of my mixes it’s a pretty wild and eclectic collage of recent finds, but also some rediscovered stuff from my record shelves. Just missed out the scratch part I used to include the last times. Recorded while having caught a cold during the last cold spell days before Spring finally took over now (hopefully) and watching little hedgehogs eating cat food beneath my window, it retrospectively reflects the feelings of these last weeks pretty accurate.

Finally, what’s coming up for you that you’d like us to know about?

After releasing this nerdy tape called imaginary friends I on czaszka rec. last December,  i spent the last two months working on the sound design for an audio walk called “über.morgen” (the day after tomorrow) by theaternyx – an utopian image of Linz in the year 2050. Now i’m back working on my own stuff too, but it probably will take a few months until the next record (+ the second part of “imaginary friends”) will be released. In the meantime watch out for a bunch of remixes (for artists like helahoop, jürgen vonbank or theclosing) and little goodies like this mix here.



01 knud viktor – les ephemeres (part 1)
02 meitei – curio
03 jan jelinek – lady gaga, you once said in an interview that you write music for fashion 04 julian sartorius – noiraigue – sainte-croix
05 fabio perletta – hesitant #5
06 philippe vandal – b. perspective
07 cinematic orchestra – the workers of art
08 imbi valgemäe – pireti tähtsad päevad
09 sebastiano carghini – part II
10 dim grimm – frolille
11 ricci rucker & mike boo – louie lopez
12 d-styles – diabolikal
13 chra – phorusrhaecidae (silvia kastel remix)
14 monica vlad – distant
15 jan nemecek – organs
16 sandra boss – masking disorder
17 die schönsten vogelstimmen – singdrossel
18 delia derbyshire & elsa stansfield – circle of light pt1
19 pascäal – cat’s eye
20 mary lattimore – never saw him again
21 hubert daviz – nebulous interlude
22 quasimoto – greenery (instrumental)
23 merz & julian sartorius – the hunting owl
24 giovanni lami & glauco salvo – b2
25 katharina ernst – x_03
26 leyya – dyno intro
27 dj spinna – dilla is the g.o.a.t.
28 mira calix – rightclick
29 x.y.r. – lost city
30 escape hatch – glasklang / schleife
31 me, claudius – lifestyle 1
32 ruutu poiss – halli (33 rpm)
33 denaji – dharma drama
34 katharina ernst – X_07
35 pascäal – rassera
36 pulsinger & irl – mask
37 serb – stampcrabs
38 church andrews – 2.1
39 syntax – source
40 chra – abandoned house (fennesz remix)
41 audio obscura – through rain (distant choir)
42 karl fousek – in the forest (chapter 3)
43 theclosing – matter


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