Ten Tracks That Sound Like Summer

Summer music gives us a reason to get out of bed and helps us look forward to the day.  It’s the perfect music to accompany a trip to the beach or to score a backyard barbecue.  Summer music can be released at any time of year, but it shares a warm, positive upbeat vibe.  We’ve dug deep to find ten new tracks that sound like summer ~ we hope you enjoy this soundtrack of the season!

Christopher Willits ~ Coast (Ghostly International)
We begin with the most sedate track on our list, taken from Willits’ newly-released Sunset.  The piece produces a shimmer of calm akin to the last rays of sunlight on a beautiful beach day.  “Begin the music 15 minutes before the sun sets,” says Willits; but we could listen all day.


Valotihkuu ~ Waterfront (Unline)
Seagulls, buoys and a feeling of weightless permeate this solo track from the Online compilation ISHI (Part 1).  Russia’s Valotihkuu continues to amaze as his quiet career gets just a little bit louder.


Lapsihymy ~ I’ll See You Again (Royal Mint Records)
Earlier this year, Finland’s still-young Lapsihymy released a revamped version of his last album, now titled Collections 2.5.  This standout piece ends with a kind voiceover:  “So happy to see you!”


Catching Flies ~ Silver Linings 
The album won’t be out until July 5, but until then, we can enjoy this preview track, which rolls along like a kayak catching the current.  In two weeks, be sure to check out “When the Sun Bursts,” another standout piece on this upbeat set!


Past Palms ~ Kentia
Past Palms’ self-titled, nature-themed EP is released today, anchored by the buoyant “Kentia.”  The full quarter-hour set flows as a single piece, washing over the ears.  As our feature progresses, the beats are picking up with the waves; it’s beginning to look like a surf day!


O’Flynn ~ Sunspear (Silver Bear Recordings)
DJ O’Flynn writes that he “wanted to make something for the summer dancefloor.”  And here it is: an explosion of energy centered around a memorable sample of brass and “well, well!”


Manatee Commune ~ My Dearest Friend (Bastard Jazz Recordings)
After touring with Odesza, Manatee Commune is dangling on the edge of a breakthrough.  His third album, PDA, is packed with vocal tracks, but this sprightly instrumental is the highlight.  Bells and children combine to produce a feeling of pure ebullience.


The Comet Is Coming ~ Summon the Fire
By now, almost everyone knows The Comet Is Coming.  That saxophone!  Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery was released earlier this year, and this video bursts at the seams with excitement.

Heron ~ Light
The first three singles from Sun Release, are all summer-themed: “Splashdown,” “The Glow,” “Light.” The sun shines brightly on each cover.  Look for the post-rock release on July 19!


Old Solar ~ Summer Solstice: Dancing Days in the Garden Well-Watered
Old Solar’s “Summer Solstice” is a track about today.  To quote Led Zeppelin, “dancing days are here again!”  SEE contains a song for every season.  Happy summer, everyone!

Richard Allen

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