Hey Post-Rock Fans, Would You Like 4 Hours of Music for Free?

34 tracks, 4 hours of free music, new and unreleased ~ music we’ve reviewed, music we haven’t and bands we had never heard of before today.  Open Language Volume IIII is the eighth double compilation from Montana’s A Thousand Arms.  In all, you’ll find over 24 hours of free post-rock on their site.  It’s like a Sears catalog for post-rock fans, who are invited to check out the music of hundreds of bands.  A Thousand Arms is also the co-organizer of dunk!USA and October 4-5’s POST. Festival; enter now on the ground floor!

Side A is dedicated to US bands, Side B to global bands.  On Side A, we encounter the recently reviewed Heron, Long Hallways and Often the Thinker, offering “The Glow,” “The Only Way Out Is Through” and “Soderlund at Pelican,” standout cuts from their summer albums. Post-rock fans will also have the opportunity to compare Glacier and Glaciers, the former with a sprawling, sludgy tune from their just-released album and the latter with a rocking track from their upcoming EP.  (To muddy the waters, there are also rock bands named Glacier and Glaciers, and an instrumental prog metal band called Ghosts of Glaciers.)  Ranges introduces autumn’s Babel with the melodic “Avarice,” one of the key cuts on Side A.  Terms x Conditions stands out with jazzy horns on “Sunday in Mexico,” from their debut EP.  Pillars and CAVALLO give us reasons to revisit their recent LPs (speaking of which, check out the CAVALLO image below ~ that is one pretty package).

HARM LESS shares one of two thick singles from this month’s Safe’s Place; we make our first acquaintance with It Was a Good Dream (who also produces some lovely vinyl, as seen to the right); Sad Turtle turns out to be not as sad as advertised; Pray for Sound offers the only “older” track (2018), but “Trees” still manages to be a highlight.  Hymns for the Angels sounds like a full band, although it’s the work of one man; Hurt changes its name to LosstChildspeak and Driving Slow Motion round out the set.  Overwhelmed yet?

Side B kicks things into high gear.  Again, there are 17 cuts.  We won’t list all the names this time, simply a few highlights.  Mexico’s Flodhäst shares the flowing “Pirámides” from the recent Unos días en la Tierra, while Santiago’s Osorezan offers an absolute stormer in the long, propulsive, string-laden “Virgen Santa” from its self-titled album, just remastered.  Ready for the kicker?  Both of these albums are set to “Name Your Price” as well!  You’re going to be listening to new music for a looong time.  Japanese newcomer MYY. impresses with “For love that is not rewarded,” from Your world is not all correct; given the season, we also recommend “Summer” from the same set.  And Denmark’s The Shaking Sensations introduce their October album How Are We to Fight the Blight? with “Sightings,” one of two available preview cuts.

If you’re a post-rock fan, you probably didn’t need any convincing beyond the title.  If you’re not a post-rock fan, why not check out some new music, free of charge?  Congratulations to A Thousand Arms on another superlative sampler!  (Richard Allen)

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  1. I have these. They’re truly magnificent listening!

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