W00dy ~ My Diary

Have you ever danced in your room with music you feel only you know how to move to? That’s the kind of ecstatic energy that My Diary exudes at every turn, its fast beats a kinetic celebration of self-knowledge, of the intimacy shared between you and that very special track. Your movements cut across your personal space, and in that moment of reaching out you become part of a collage that blends every step you take into something unique. And yet, there’s always something about dancing alone that connects you to the world, because you give back all those bits and pieces of itself that it’s invested in you, a free flow, a free exchange of precious, exciting mental debris. This diary is dense with fragments of voices, of noises, of electronic sounds, like all that stuff in the album cover that, scattered across the rooms from which our voice emerges, constantly fills and drains our beings; “Can’t Resist It” blasts us with cut-up voices and vertiginous beats, the virality of thinking pouring out excessively into dance, into the borderline selflessness with which you fill that space between you and your special track. The debris becomes irresistible – it’s you, and your energy is nuclear fallout, movement itself becomes contagion, endless, joyful repetition, like a meme.

“Like What U Do” starts out like an experimental pop track, its polyphony building up the repetition towards ever faster beats, as punchy and relatable as this diary can be. But then, right when the track seems to be going somewhere specific, it starts deconstructing, it pulls into variations of itself, into little worlds of sound that exist for a few seconds and are then pulled away into the rest of the detritus, adding levels and turns you’d never expect to be there in the first place. The fast and catchy quality of pop -its contagiousness- is here layered to the point of being baroque, reflecting that same kind of happy gloss and shine, an exuberant superficiality so jam-packed it signals wonder. But it’s not the one that makes you stop, it’s the one that makes you smile and sweat, the one that takes your breath away because it makes you laugh.

The intricacy of this diary is impressive, its constant impulse introductions and conclusions of sounds providing unexpected, humorous, wonderful moments to get lost in, to embrace the labyrinth of inner stuff that’s always pointlessly leaking outwards. “Came 2 Party” happily makes that connection, with its much more centered, stable beats allowing for the focus to shift once more unto the world with which you’re dancing, perfectly transitioning into the experimentally anthemic “We All Want the Same Thing”. My guess about that ‘what’ would linger around that playful connection, that swift exchange of smiles and moves that for a moment makes intimacy a shared space of exhaustion, your every nerve spent by the spastic rhythm, all those bits of selves scattered across the dance floor, sparkling with sweat, free at last from making sense. We ought to thank W00dy for opening up to us, because now we can do the same, and keep this happy contagion going. (David Murrieta Flores)

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