abo carcassi + demetrio cecchitelli present “Trasparenza” [mix]

To celebrate the release of their split EP 2:2, abo carcassi & halfcastle have assembled Trasparenza, a live mix documenting their shared musical interests and their broader community of friends.

Daniele Carcassi (abo carcassi) is a composer, improviser and DJ based between Florence and Bologna. Influenced by electroacoustic techniques, his work foregrounds a dialectic between contrasting elements, including electronic textures, soundscapes, primary materials and samples. His vinyl-only DJ sets draw on acid and house, with a strong current of ethnic and percussive music. Demetrio Cecchitelli (halfcastle) is based in Rimini and is mainly active in electroacoustic and ambient music composed from a mixture of instrumentals, found sounds, soundscapes, and digital signal processing.


The sonic materials from which 2:2 is drawn comes exclusively from a series of field-recordings performed by both artists in December 2018. The digital download of 2:2 also includes an excerpt from a live collaborative improvisation between the duo. The results are an evocative mixture of electronic textures and small acoustic gestures, a sort of abstract sound collage which never loses a human touch.



Listen/DL at Soundcloud



What’s the scene like where you live?

Demetrio: I live in Rimini, Italy. It’s famous for its clubbing and day-night divertissement, and this is where Federico Fellini was born. The city is not a big one, but there are those who work in the arts and music sector. To name some: Roberto Paci Dalò (USMARADIO), MOHO Club Discontinuo, RIU Project, with whom I worked for radio shows and sound performances (2018-2019).

Daniele: I feel fortunate to be able to live between two cities like Florence and Bologna, with two very different scenes. In Florence we cannot fail to mention Tempo Reale, which has been offering avant-garde and musical experimentation for many years, and Biodiversità Records, a young label that brought my album together with Demetrio and it is doing a great deal to spread new music. Instead the great strength of Bologna is undoubtedly its underground, always moving and with new ideas and organizations that are constantly being born, without neglecting the quality of the music. [#bolognasound]

How about the mix?

Demetrio: It has been thought as a continuum of our collaboration 2:2 (mini CD) released by Biodiversità Records (Florence, Italy). We separated the behaviors in gestural (abo) and textural (me). The recording session has been done in Bologna, with cassette players, laptop, and CDJs. Lots of the selected tracks are from our friends, except for Alexandre Navarro, who I respect a lot!

Daniele: The mix has been recorded live, in the first take. We decided to include music that represented us and that was coherent with our scene. Indeed we can found in the mix a lot of songs of our friends or colleague that we know personally.  The title, transparency in Italian, represents both the music, played naturally and with easy mix technical, both an idea of approach we should have in dealing with each other.

What’s coming up for you?

Demetrio: I think it will be a new exciting year. I have something in my archive that’s waiting to be released. It’s been all recorded during the last two years, included live sessions, live takes, short ideas both individual and with other musicians.
I’m sincerely happy for this opportunity and I want to thank Giovanni Lami who introduced me to Joe, putting us in contact in the beginning of the summer, after our release.



John Robin – Bold
FLUQS – Kamaga
Jacopo Buda – Ice
abo carcassi – Steamboat
Giovanni Lami & Glauco Salvo – Ife
abo carcassi – Europa
Paola Lesina – Inalto
abo carcassi – Cooling Down
Emil Bruscolini – Impulse
Nekyia (feat. Clearlight) – Cobwebs
Alexandre Navarro – Lost Cities

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