Earl Tucker presents ‘untitled’ [mix]

When ACL first started producing mixes, I knew that I didn’t just want to invite artists and labels. We’ve always imagined ACL as a part of a broader community. As such I’ve often invited mixes from amateurs, from listeners and fellow critics. This mix is one of those, courtesy of Luke Carter, a listener from London. He’s got great taste, and I’m sure our regular listeners will appreciate his selections. You can hear more of Luke’s mixes at Mixcloud. (Joseph Sannicandro)


Please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name’s Luke. I’m from Bristol (in England) but live in London now, where I work as a primary school teacher. I have no professional connection to music, but have spent a lot of time and money on it as a hobby for the best part of twenty years. A few years ago, I started recording mixes of stuff that I was enjoying and sent them round to a few friends. Some are quite bound by genre or time-frame, but what I really enjoy is trying to make a collage-like mix that is (reasonably) cohesive, but includes music from a wide variety of genres, places and times.

Tell us about the mix.

Many of my favourite mixes of all time have a strange dream-like quality, a sort of quasi-ambient that oscillates between relaxing and unsettling – or even manages to achieve both at the same time. That simultaneously tranquil yet disorientated feeling of being halfway between asleep and awake is part of the inspiration for this mix. I also really like the challenge of sequencing (or even mixing) really stylistically disparate pieces of music into something new and unusual, which I hope I’ve managed here. To be quite honest about the nuts and bolts, this mix (as with all my others) was assembled on a cheap, amateurish piece of DJ software, using a cheap, amateurish controller.

You’re based in London nowand we have no shortage of London scene reportsbut can you share something about London or Bristol that readers should absolutely know about?

London is obviously amazing for music, and a key factor in continuing to live here! There are too many good venues, clubs and record shops to name them all, but Cafe OTO in Dalston deserves an honourable mention as a place where I’ve seen a huge array of mind-expandingly great music in the past decade. Bristol (where I grew up and still visit regularly) is also a great city for music – some friends of mine are currently putting the finishing touches on a new venue there called Strange Brew, which opens later this year, and promises to be an excellent addition to Bristol’s music scene.

Any last things you’ve got to plug?

Unless you are raising children in South East London who need to be taught, I don’t have much to promote professionally… The only thing I would direct any interested parties towards is my Mixcloud page, which is periodically updated with new mixes and has a big archive of my prior efforts. Thanks!




01. Antti Rannisto – Untitled Space [Sleeparchive, 2007]

02. Stevie Be Zet – African Marché [Recycle Or Die, 1993]

03. Jo Johnson – Weaving [Further Records, 2014]

04. Rings Around Saturn – Portion 22 (Albrecht La’Brooy’s Bathtime Arrangement) [Analogue Attic, 2015]

05. The Hers – We Are Over The Kop [Sex Lies Magnetic Tape, 2012]

06. Georgia – Church [Kashual Plastik, 2019]

07. L’Empire Des Sons – Antilope [self-released, 1986]

08. Idee Du Femelle – Java [self-released, 1988]

09. Alasdair Graham & Congregation – Martyrs: Psalm 79 v. 3 & 4 [Tangent Records, 1975]

10. 林英哲 (Eitetsu Hayashi) – コスモス (Cosmos Flower) [Victor, 1983]

11. Bosaina – Abalone On The Grass [Discrepant, 2017]

12. Justin Walter – Western Tears [Kranky, 2013]

13. Claire Rousay – Things You’ve Said You Like [No Rent Records, 2019]

14. RAMZi – Muskin [FATi Records, 2019]

15. David Grubbs – Banana Cabbage [Table Of The Elements, 1996]

16. Accident Du Travail – Food Is Ready [The Trilogy Tapes, 2016]

17. István Mártha – Templom (Church) (Feat. Sebestyén Márta) [Krém, 1987]

18. Palestine / Coulter / Mathoul – Schlongo!!!daLUVdrone Revisited #3 [Young God Records, 2002]

19. Keith Fullerton Whitman – Rhodes Viola Multiple [Kranky, 2004]

20. Wilson Tanner – All Hands Bury The Dead [Efficient Space, 2019]

21. Zabelle Panosian – Groung (Crane) (Earlier Take) [Canary Records, 2017 – recorded 1917]

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  1. A journey in otherworldly sounds. Thank you, great mix.

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