the new objective presents ‘KINDA BLUE’ [mix]

I put together a mix entitled EVERYONE IS BORED during my first weekend social distancing, and was soon after approached to create a Spotify playlist for Wolves & Vibrancy Records, a German label specializing in “dark and dreamy music,” including the kind of ambient and drone artists who are our bread and butter here at ACL. The only parameters given for this social distancing mix was to combine new releases with old favorites.

I don’t use Spotify, so I decided that my approach here should be somewhat conceptual. I pulled a bunch of vinyl records from my shelf, went into my living room and played the B-sides in full, improvising the order based on loose thematic associations. I figured since we’re stuck at home, what’s the rush? Might as well play long tracks. So that makes up the first half of the mix. The second half of the mix switches to digital and moves more quickly, though there are still many long, unhurried tracks, drawing on music from the 1960s to today.

But what I played in my living room that day is not what is not exactly what it one the Spotify playlist, nor exactly what is included here. The Spotify playlist is a little bit different from what I played at home that day, becayse not all my vinyl editions are available on Spotify. For instance, Matthewdavid‘s rework of Ahnnu‘s “Gala” is only available on vinyl. So I was interested to see how those limitations changed the mix from my media at home to what was available on Spotify.

But I also wanted to make a mix that I could share here, drawn from the same general tracklist. Rather than record from vinyl, when I recreated the playlist for Soundcloud, I made some minor changes based on what I already had available digitally, and added a little Ras G intro. I also somehow neglected to include some tracks from the Sun City Girls’ Funeral Mariachi simply by accident. I made some edits here and there for a variety of reasons, but mostly to keep this mix at 3 hours total, which is still pretty long and unhuried. But again, when you’re feeling blue time doesn’t seem to pass as normal, so just sink in and get lost.  (Joseph Sannicandro)

acloserlisten · the new objective presents ‘KINDA BLUE’ part i [mix]

acloserlisten · the new objective presents ‘KINDA BLUE’ part ii [mix]


Ras G Track 2 My Kinda Blues 2017
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Nervous, Sad, Poor… (H&P 100 years)
f# a# oo (vinyl version)
Gabriel Saloman Gagaku
Movement Building Vol. 2
Tim Hecker Harmony In Blue I-IV
Harmony In Ultraviolet
Mal Waldron Steve Lacy Azure/Smada Sempre Amore 1987
Ahnnu Gala/Monica Swept World Music 2013
Inventing Masks 3’19”/4’17″/3’54” 2nd 2017
Kali Malone Sacer Profanare
The Sacrificial Code
The Drift
Inconsistency Principle/Fractured Then Gathered (reprise)
Noumena 2005
Weather Report Harlequin Heavy Weather 1977
Vladislav Delay Rampa Rakka 2020
Matana Roberts All Things Beautiful
Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis
Aho Ssan Simulacrum III Simulacrum 2020
Crys Cole & Oren Ambarchi Burrata Hotel Record 2017
Earl Sweatshirt Eclipse
Some Rap Songs
Henry Flynt & the Insurrections Goodby Wall St. (loop) / Corona Del Mar I Don’t Wanna 1966 (2004)
Henry Flynt Sky Turned Red
Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Volume 1
Catherine Christer Hennix The Well-Tuned Marimba Selected Early Keyboard Works 2018
Oren Ambarchi, Mark Fell, Will Guthrie, Sam Shalabi Oglon Day 2 Oglon Day 2019
Ka Baird Symanimagenic Respires 2019
Oren Ambarchi Palm Sugar Candy Simian Angel 2019
Weather Report Herandnu Black Market 1976
Circuit des Yeux A Story of This World Part II
Reaching for Indigo
Nurse with Wound
B2 – NWW – The Tumultuous Upsurge (of Lasting Hatred)
Homotopy to Marie LP
Félicia Atkinson Des Pierres
The Flower And The Vessel
Cole Pulice Lymns Gloam 2020
Stefan Christoff & Osama Shalabi 2. To Sophia Rodina 2013
Charlie Haden War Orphans
Liberation Music Orchestra
dakim persists/freyed/Guatama’s Resolve sleeptight 2020
Pan Sonic Corona Gravitoni 2010
Egberto Gismonti & Charlie Haden Dom Quixote Em família 1981
Angel Olsen Unfucktheworld
Burn Your Fire For No Witness
Vladislav Delay Kenno
The Kind Of Blue
Henry Cow Ruins Unrest 1974
The Incredible String Band Dandelion Blues
The Incredible String Band
John Fahey Sun Gonna Shine In My Back Door Someday Blues
Blind Joe Death [re-recordings]
Victoire (Missy Mazzoli) India Whiskey
Cathedral City
John Oswald Bell Speeds Electro Clips 1991
Ka Baird Teaching Lodge of the Arrows Respires 2019
SING SINCK, SING Fight The Good Fight
Earl Sweatshirt Riot!
Some Rap Songs


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