Toni Dimitrov ~ Bucharest Sketches

There’s no substitute for a good rainstorm, and Toni Dimitrov catches a beauty.  The segment forms a major part of Bucharest Sketches, a tapestry teeming with life.  The soundscape serves as a warm advertisement for Romania, and marks the return of Green Field Recordings after a months-long break.

Before the rain begins, birds squawk up a storm at the beginning of the day; then come children, playing and shouting in the streets, and adults going about their business.  A student mentions a dissertation, but in a way, Bucharest Sketches is a dissertation on its own: a collection of seemingly disparate ideas, organized by sonic paragraphs and sewn together by a collective thread.

The rain enters swiftly, but not suddenly, in the sixth minute.  One can imagine the people scurrying for cover, battling with their umbrellas: but certainly they must have seen it coming!  Motorbikes and cars splatter early puddles and unlucky pedestrians.  The deluge increases, coming down in sheets.  A few people venture outside, then retreat.  Finally the rain subsides; the kids come out to play, shoppers fill the streets, transit picks up, and a ping pong game begins in the park ~ not a very good ping pong game, based on the bounces and laughter, but an enjoyable one.  “Uh oh – urgh!” and then “Woo!”

Returning to the beginning like a sonic arc, Dimitrov reintroduces the birds and closes with  handheld bells.  Those looking for a metaphor about cycles can easily find one here.  In the northern hemisphere, spring is beginning to bloom.  Around the world, parks are reopening.  Bucharest Sketches is not only a portrait of a bustling city, but an advertisement for joy.  (Richard Allen)

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  1. Nice. Never been to Bucharest, but it’s on my list of places I must visit.

  2. Thanks for the review 😉
    Luís Antero/Green Field Recordings

  3. Such a lovely review ☺️

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