Galya Bisengalieva ~ Aralkum


KAZAKHSTAN – APRIL 21: In this aerial image, Kokaral Dam is seen on April 21, 2018 in Kazakhstan. The Aral Sea, used to be the fourth biggest lake in the world, had been shrinking due to the irrigation project of the Soviet Union since 1960s, resulting in separated into four lakes. Fish catch at the Aral Sea had been reduced to 50,000 tons to 1,000 tons in 1970 to 80s and destroyed the fisheries industry. Kazakh government have been making effort to restore the fishery of North Aral Sea, with loans from the World Bank, a dam construction to prevent water flow to South, had completed in 2005. The improvement has been seen as water level has been rising and fishery industry has returned to the North Aral Sea, though the fish catch is one seventh of its heyday. Meanwhile the future of South Aral Sea is unclear. Uzbekistan government has shown no interest to restore the lake as rich natural gas fields have been found at the former Aral seabed. (Photo by The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images)

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