A Note to Our Readers

Hello everyone, we’re back to normal today, so you may want to use the weekend to catch up on the 415 releases we covered in our Fall Music Preview (our largest ever!), and our recent reviews and mixes.

To let you know what’s been going on, our site uses a WordPress theme (Imbalance 2) that was retired a few years ago, so when it reverted to the “white screen of death” last month, no help was available (even though we actually connected with a live person at WordPress, miracle of miracles).  The only real fix was to change themes.  No theme was perfect as every choice dropped something from our template, whether it was the grid style, a menu, words on the home page or something equally annoying.  We chose a theme that looked great on laptops but turned out to have extremely large font: perfect for older people but (according to feedback) “virtually unreadable” on a phone.  (For example, our Electronic Fall Music Preview is 4000 words long, which is tough to read with only a few words appearing on each line.)  Changing the font size in CSS meant changing the font across the board, creating the opposite problem ~ now the font was tiny on the home page.

Yesterday we saw our old theme pop up again without the white screen of death, so we grabbed it.  We are not sure how long this will last, although we have high hopes.  We will likely choose a new theme sooner rather than later ~ suggestions are welcome from those who use WordPress.

At nearly the exact same time, our Facebook connection was severed, but that’s now back to normal as well.  Seeing the “vintage” site reappear is a reminder that so much has changed in 2020 it seems that nothing is stable.  We’ll continue to offer the best in new music reviews, previews and mixes ~ while trying to provide the best reading experience for all visitors, no matter what device they are using.  Apologies for those who were inconvenienced and thanks for bearing with us!  (Richard Allen)


  1. You weren’t the only ones complaining, most likely =)

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