Premiere: Ben Stidworthy + Stefan Christoff ~ Basil Jet

A Closer Listen and Lost Children are pleased to present Basil Jet, the debut collaboration between Ben Stidworthy and Stefan Christoff. Ben is a musician from Portland who plays music in many projects, best known as a member of Ought. Stefan is an artist and activist in Montreal, and the host of Free City Radio. Stefan has collaborated with many musicians over the years, including upcoming releases with Lori Goldston and Sam Shalabi.

Despite both living Montreal, Basil Jet is the result of trading files between the two during the pandemic. Both musicians were working at La Sala Rossa and Casa del Popolo, two venues important to Montreal’s underground music communities. During the spring of 2020, they were re-painting Casa together (masks on of course), and their casual conversations about music led to talk of collaboration. Ben recorded some synth tones and Stefan some organ experiments on an old Wurlitzer, and after multiple exchanges back and forth editing and experimenting, resulted in Basil Jet. Hope that you enjoy this listen!


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