Alessio Degani ~ Cityscape – Brixia

Cityscape – Brixia is Alessio Dagani‘s love letter to his current home in Northern Italy, an “auditory tour” through seasons and systems.  The album follows a loose arc, from morning to soft snow, but pauses to unveil multiple sonic treasures along the way.

After a gentle, bird-etched beginning, the artist turns his attention to gardening and the pleasures of human work song.  This is the time to mulch and clip, a gentle sculpting that will yield later returns.  The birds offer commentary while cars pass nearby.  But the album’s highlight is just around the corner, comprising a full 50% of its time: a stunning 20-minute thunderstorm.  As the tracks blend into each other, their proximity yields a sequential narrative.  First gentle rumbles of thunder and unconcerned avian cries; then a barking dog, sensing the impending storm; and then suddenly at 5:44, the simultaneous arrival of the rain, a siren and panicked humans scattering for safety.  After another minute, one can also sense that some are awed by the storm’s power, which launches into the next level at 11:06.  The full piece would be perfect for the seldom-used CD3″ format; it’s a perfect symphony on its own.

In the second half of the album, we meet an extremely insistent cat, with a perfect enunciation of “meow.”  Thunder continues to rumble in the distance; highway traffic provides the backdrop.  The density drops as night falls, and crickets and cicadas take over, producing a light buzz.  Strangely, the “night in the mountain” seems more active than the “night in the city.”  Finally, another brief, beautiful piece, the polar opposite of “rain:” “snow” is a minute and a half of gently falling flakes, guiding the listener back to the opening sounds of spring.  Brixia (Brescia) seems a lovely place, attractions intact, continuing to shine through any type of weather.  (Richard Allen)

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