Ten Tracks That Sound Like Summer

Thanks to vaccinations, reopenings and a new sense of hope, many nations have finally reached the post-pandemic summer.  It’s safe to say that the beaches will be packed this weekend, barbecues will be fired up and drinks will flow.  How wild will it get?  That’s anybody’s guess.  If you’re in the mood for a season of sunshine and sand, this summer selection should do the trick.

Some of these tracks were released in winter, well out of season (except in the Southern Hemisphere), while others won’t be out until fall.  Seven of the tracks are new to the site, while three proved so irresistible we had to highlight them one more time.  We hope you enjoy this selection of summer songs!

Camera ~ Kartoffelstampf (Bureau B)
Let’s start summer off with a bang, as Camera’s krautrock/surf blend launches us into the new season with the pure propulsion.  The title, according to Google, means “Mashed Potatoes.”


Don’t Problem ~ CD’s Lament (Self-Released)
We were really tempted to include “Whale” on this list, because the cover looks like summer, but “CD’s Lament” sounds like summer.  This explosion of bongos and brass is a breath of fresh air.  The single is taken from the autumn album Liminality.


Hannah Holland ~ Midnight Horizon (PRAH)
After years of DJing and soundtrack work, Hannah Holland is finally set to unveil her debut album on September 17.  Two tracks are already available, our favorite being “Midnight Horizon,” as it sports a guitar line worthy of The Cure and ends in a horse’s gallop.


Havana Swim Club ~ Lagoon (Self-Released)
The artist’s name matches well with the title of the album’s first single.  “Lagoon” is the sound of streets opening up, neighbors spilling out, cheerful greetings and a palpable sense of relief.  Hey, what’s happening?  How you doing?


K.D.A.P. ~ The Slinfold Loop (Arts & Crafts)
Much has already been written in mainstream media about K.D.A.P. (Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew).  The new album Influences is packed with percussive tracks that keep their emotional heads above water.  Best of these is the first single, “The Slinfold Loop,” whose bass line is reminiscent of New Order.


Molly Lewis ~ Oceanic Feeling (Jagjaguwar)
The first whistler to appear on our pages, Molly Lewis brings a Hawaiian vibe to “Oceanic Feeling,” which includes a strange yet welcome guest appearance from John C. Reilly.  Let the luau begin!

Monster Rally ~ Submersible (Self-Released)
Back in February, few of us were dreaming of deep sea diving, save for Monster Rally, recording this song about “floating in the technicolor sea.”  Now the calendar has caught up to the music!


Para for Cuva ~ Curva (Self-Released)
Juno will be out in two weeks, but for now, we can enjoy the sounds of the set’s second single.  “Cuiva” presents a pure summer vibe with sampled vocals and a laid back, hip-hop beat.


Past Palms ~ Tropics (Self-Released)
The third appearance in a row for Past Palms on this chart, “Tropics” blends sitar and beats for a track reminiscent of Buddha Bar mixes and the setting of its title.  The tropics may be hot, but the vibe is lush and inviting.


Samuel Sharp ~ Fireworks From The Tower (Self-Released)
The oldest track on our list is also the most relevant for the weekend, as it’s the 4th of July in the States.  “Fireworks From The Tower” was the first single released from winter’s Patterns Various, hearkening back to last October, but now – finally – we’re ready to watch those fireworks again.  Let summer commence!

Richard Allen

One comment

  1. Michael

    Thanks for your hard work, as always. Those mid-year lists especially are an absolute pleasure.

    I am glad your are feeling hopeful. However, I thinks it’s too early to speak of living in “post-pandemic” times, as you frequently put it recently. We don’t know yet how effective vaccines are against existing mutations, what mutations will arise. (A lot of countries still have record cases.) Last but not least, we are unsure how we will deal with the fungal infections that affect 13% of hospitalized patients right now.
    Don’t get me wrong, I share the sentiment that the worst is over. We are much better equipped than we were a year ago. However, I am worried that pretending that it’s over will have an unnecessary psychological backlash, if things should get worse again.

    We don’t need predictions of the future to enjoy the summer. We do need good music – like this. HSC has made my days brighter.

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