Anarchist Mountains presents MIXED SIGNALS [mix]

Anarchist Mountains is Jordan and Stefan Christoff. The brothers follow last year’s A Balken Spacewalk with Fire Waves, their latest album, released by Oxtail Recordings in Sydney, Australia. They made this mix to celebrate the release. Enjoy! (Joseph Sannicandro)



“In the chaos that surrounds this world in 2022 this mix is an attempt to not step back, but to lift up the eyes to intentionally create mental space for reflection. In this moment that decision to pull away from the noise of screens and the abusive words of politicians is a political act. Anarchist Mountains is about regenerating, healing and creating space for reflection that allows for emotional rejuvenation, allowing for a fuller engagement with the difficult struggles of our time in a way that sustains mental health. The selections in this mix speak mostly to this type of space, with a couple exceptions that address the world in a more in your face kinda way sonic clashes with the system. Tangibly, Jordan Christoff is a public school educator and ambient musician, Stefan Christoff is a long time activist and community organizer within anti-capitalist networks, as brothers the Anarchist Mountains project is about holding true to these engagements while celebrating the importance of sound as a tool for emotional rejuvenation that takes place within a context of awareness in this world.”



Anarchist Mountains – Anarchist Signals
Anarchist Mountains – A Signal at 1 AM
Fadi Tabbal – Cheap Triptych Photography
Fadi Tabbal – Ceremony By The Sea
Anarchist Mountains – Alright the Wind Is Beyond It All
Dais Queue – No fretting
Tanson – Light of the Baths
Nils Quak – Draht
Asian Dub Foundation – Colour Line
GAIKA – Seven Churches For St Jude
Federico Mosconi – Breath
Anarchist Mountains – A Lighthouse at Night

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