the new objective presents Neo New York [tape mix]

I moved into a shared studio space in August, and for the first time in a long while found myself able to play music loudly. I’m working on a sequel to Friperietronics, using tapes I found in thrift stores. But while I was setting everything up in the new space, I found myself gravitating to recent hip hop tapes, all released between 2020 and 2022. So I put together this mix, recording the tapes I listened to while getting settled in, following the thread of a few producers and MCs and themes, but mostly just stuff I’ve enjoyed recently and was excited to play loudly.

Not for nothing, nearly all these artists are from New York (except Navy Blue, but he gets a pass because his production work for NY MCs, including Wiki, AKAI, and MIKE, and one of the tracks I chose for this mix included a feature from yasiin bey). If you haven’t been paying attention, NYC has been having something of a hip hop renaissance, as rappers such as Roc Marciano, Ka, and billy woods have continued to level up playing the long game. While NY rap is often associated with a dogmatic approach, as this mix demonstrates there’s more going on in the production than boom bap versus drumless loops.  E L U C I D in particular demonstrates a willingness to go into new sonic territory, both with his own production and collaborating with others. We also feature productions from August Fanon, iblss, King Vision Ultra, Preservation, and The Alchemist.

Because it was recorded live, it’s interesting to see how the B-sides come back into play, giving the mix a unique cadence. Recorded with two variable speed tape players, a mixer, SP 404, and some effects. Peace to GENG PTP, who designed and released many of these tapes.



1 – E L U C I D – [b side] (SEERSHIP!, PTP, 2020)
2 – Small Bills (E L U C I D & The Lasso) – “Sometimes Care Looks Like Leave Me The Fuck Alone (feat. billy woods)” (Don’t Play It Straight, PTP, 2021)
3 – billy woods + Moor Mother – Arkaeology ft ELUCID (BRASS, Backwoodz, 2020)
4 – Amani + King Vision Ultra – “Scrapes ft E L U C I D” (AN UNKNOWN INFINITE, PTP, 2020)
5 – E L U C I D – [b side, billy woods’ “Cornstarch”] (SEERSHIP!, PTP, 2020)
6 – AKAI SOLO + Navy Blue – “Ocean Hue Hours” (True Sky, PTP, 2020)
7- billy woods + Moor Mother – “Portrait ft Navy Blue” (BRASS, Backwoodz, 2020)
8 – Armand Hammer & The Alchemist – “Chicharones (ft. Quelle Chris)” (HARAM, Backwoodz, 2021)
9 – iblss – bebe’s peace ft quelle chris – (raja’s sun, PTP, 2022)
10 – billy woods & Preservation – NYNEX ft ELUCID, Denmark Vessey, and quelle chris (Aethiopes, Backwoodz, 2022)
11 – AMANI + KVU – “Concrete Slides” (Feat. AKAI SOLO) (AN UNKNOWN INFINITE, PTP 2020)
12 – Sleep Sinatra & August Fanon – “Undefeated” (ROUTES, PTP 2021)
13 – billy woods + Preservation – “Versailles” ft Despot (Aethiopes, Backwoodz, 2022)
14 – Navy Blue – Post Panic! (Song of Sage: Post Panic!, 2020)
15 – Sleep Sinatra & August Fanon – “conquer” (ROUTES, PTP 2021)
16 – iblss – nappy nina celery (raja’s sun, ptp, 2020)
17 – Navy Blue – 1491 (Song of Sage: Post Panic!, 2020)
18 – AKAI SOLO – “Color of Conquerers” (Ride Alone, Fly Together, PTP, 2020)
19 – iblss – sun in the night feat. maassai (raja’s sun, PTP, 2020)
20 – Navy Blue – Breathe (feat. yasiin bey) (Song of Sage: Post Panic!, 2020)
21 – iblss – black vessel (raja’s sun, PTP, 2020)
22 – AMANI + KVU – “Water” (Feat. maassai) (AN UNKNOWN INFINITE, PTP 2020)
23 – E L U C I D [Armand Hammer & Alc] – “Roaches Don’t Fly” (HARAM, Backwoodz, 2021)
24 – iblss – “laurenolamina” (raja’s sun, PTP, 2020)

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