Spring Music PreviewSpring Music Preview!
Warmer weather is finally here, along with April showers and an avalanche of new music.  This page continues to be updated on a near-daily basis; whenever we hear about upcoming music, it ends up here.  If you like the samples below, we hope you’ll click on the preview boxes to learn more!

To no one’s surprise, our most-viewed article of March was our Spring Music Preview, followed by the latest installments of the ACL Singles Chart and Electronic Observations.  In a strange turn of events, our most-viewed review for March was Hammock’s Oblivion Hymns, which was published last November but continues to pile up the hits.  This was followed closely by Origamibiro’s Odham’s Standard.  Thank you to all of our readers, writers, artists and labels for your continued support!

And now, here’s what’s coming up next: our Spring Music Preview, filled with over 75 new album tracks for your listening pleasure!

Thomas Tilly ~ Script geometry (Aposiopese, 16 April)

SAÅAD ~ Deep/Float (Holodeck, 17 April)

Diamond Gloss ~ No Mawkish (Fluttery, 18 April)

Farben & James DIN A4 ~ Farben Presents DIN A4 (Faitische, 18 April)

Isnaj Dui ~ Euplexia (Rural Colours, 18 April)

Reliq ~ Metatropics (Noble, 18 April)

Oneohtrix Point Never ~ Commissions I (Warp, 19 April)

Eostre ~ They Were Made of White Cloth (Soft Corridor/alt.vinyl, 20 April)

Bruno Bavota ~ The Secret of the Sea (Psychonavigation, 21 April)

Dead Fader ~ In Cover/Blood Forest (Robot Elephant, 21 April)

Daniel Klag ~ Twin Labyrinths (Miscreant Recs, 22 April)

Heterotic ~ Weird Drift (Planet Mu, 22 April)

Moth Cock ~ Twofer Tuesday (Hausu Mountain, 22 April)

Say My Name ~ Malaise Forever (Foreign Domestic, 22 April)

William Ryan Fritch ~ Emptied Animal (Lost Tribe Sound, 22 April)

William Selman ~ Equatorial Night (Hausu Mountain, 22 April)

Cliff Dweller ~ The Giant OST (Patient Sounds, 23 April)

Costanza Francavilla & Alex Infascelli ~ Bushwick17 (Zer0Killed Music, 25 April)

Whizz Kid ~ there’s conjuring to be done (Bearsuit, 26 April)

Black to Comm ~ Providence (Dekorder, 28 April)

Excepter ~ The Stand (Dekorder, 28 April)

Experimental Audio Research ~ All Things Being Equal (Dekorder, 28 April)

Fennesz ~ Becs (Editions Mego, 28 April)

Mark E ~ Product of Industry (Spectral Sound, 28 April)

Oiseaux-Tempête ~ Re-Works (Sub Rosa/Balades Sonores, 28 April)

Stefan Jaworzyn ~ Principles of Inertia (Transmat, 28 April)

Thomas Ankersmit ~ Figueroa Terrace (Touch, 28 April)

Valerio Tricoli ~ Miseri Lars (PAN, 28 April)

A Winged Victory for the Sullen ~ Atomos VII (Erased Tapes, 28 April)

Acid Mothers Temple + The Melting Paraiso UFO ~ Astrorgasm from the Inner Space (Important, 29 April)

Deison | Mingle ~ Everything Collapse(d) (Aagoo, 29 April)

Maxwell August Croy and Sean McCann ~ “I” (Students of Decay, 29 April)

Silver Mt. Zion ~ Hang On to Each Other (Constellation, 29 April)

Taiga Remains ~ Works for Cassette (Helen Scarsdale Agency, 29 April)

Imprints ~ Data Trails (Serein, late April/early May)

Kyle Bobby Dunn ~ Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness (Students of Decay, late April/early May)

1982 ~ A/B (Hubro, 2 May)

cecilia::eyes ~ Disappearance (dEPOT214, 5 May)

Eno/Hyde ~ Someday World (5 May, Warp)

Her Name Is Calla ~ Navigator (Function Records, 5 May)

Joseph Nanner ~ Atmospheric Slow Jams for the Pilots/New Star Broadcasting (Exotic Pylon, 5 May)

Kid Smpl ~ Silo EP (Hush Hush, 5 May)

Kyoka ~ is (is superpowered) (raster-noton, 5 May)

Sontag Shogun ~ Tale (Luau/Palaver Press/Ricco, 5 May)

Walls/Oram ~ Sound Houses (Ecstatic/Kompakt, 5 May)

Ross Baker ~ Purlieu Redux (Second Thought Records/Bullfinch Art & Tapes, 10 May)

COH ~ To Beat (Editions Mego, 12 May)

Kemialliset Ystävät ~ Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa (Dekorder, 12 May)

Outer Space ~ Phantom Center (Editions Mego, 12 May)

Prostitutes ~ Petite Cochon (Spectrum Spools, 12 May)

Hiss Tracts ~ Shortwave Nights (Constellation 13 May)

Jeff Birch ~ S/T (Important, 13 May)

Sculpture ~ Membrane Pop (Software, 13 May)

Theos the Band ~ A Recollection of Dreams (18 May)

Plaid ~ Reachy Prints (Warp, 19 May)

Time Attendant ~ Bloodhounds (Exotic Pylon, 19 May)

William Ryan Fritch ~ Leave Me Like You Found Me (Lost Tribe Sound, 20 May)

John Lemke ~ Walizka (Denovali, 23 May)

Cloud Ensemble ~ S/T(Banabila, 25 May)

Grimm Grimm/Tapers ~ Split Release (So I Buried Records, 25 May)

Arne Deforce & Miko Vainio ~ Hephaestus (Editions Mego, 26 May)

Ben Frost ~ Aurora (Bedroom Community, 26 May)

Galati ~ Mother (Psychonavigation, 26 May)

LCC ~ d/evolution (Editions Mego, 26 May)

Fat Kneel ~ The Future Suk’t (Alrealon Musique, 27 May)

Watter ~ This World (Temporary Residence, 27 May)

Wild Rumpus ~ Musical Blaze-Up (Bitches Brew, 27 May)

Benjamin Finger ~ The Bet (Watery Starve, 1 June)

Cinchel ~ A House Once Lived That Never Was (1 June)

Brian Reitzell ~ Auto Music (Smalltown Supersound, 3 June)

Lone ~ Reality Testing (R&S, 16 June)

Piiptsjilling ~ Moarntiids (Midira, June)

Franz Kirmann ~ Meridians (Denovali, July)


  1. Rocktor

    Great job Rick…Thank you very much!!!

  2. FINALLY got to the end of all this. Added a few things to the 2014 list. As ever, ACL is expensive to read.

  3. Andrey

    Thanks a lot!

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