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We’re still at the beach, but the water’s getting cooler, and more alarmingly, the leaves are beginning to change color.  Soon we’ll be tempted to retreat indoors, but not yet.  For now, we’ll ride these final warm days for all they’re worth.  And while we do so, we’ll have plenty of great new music to fill our iPods and Spotify playlists, as the fall music schedule is just heating up.  This page serves as a companion to our Fall Music Preview; your next favorite album could be right here.

Our hottest post of August was The Soundtrack to a Post-Rock Summer, followed by our review of Nordic Affect.

Great music pours into our office on a daily basis.  We’ll never be able to review it all, so we hope that you will peruse the list below to hear your new favorites before they come out.  If you like something, be sure to click on the sample to be led to the site on which it appears.  This page is updated daily as publicists, labels and artists send us announcements.  Thank you to all of our readers, artists and labels, and best wishes for a happy autumn!

Blood Room ~ Chroma & Coda (Reject & Fade, September)

Dunningwebsterunderwood ~ Bleed (Adaadat, September)

Jean D.L. & Sandrine Verstraete ~ S/T (Rockerill Records/InstantJazz, September)

Emmanuele Mieville ~ Ethers (Baskaru, September)

Krojc & Fischerle ~ John, Betty & Stella (Monotype, September)

Simon Whetham ~ what matters is that it matters (Baskaru, September)

Yui Onodera ~ Semi-Lattice (Baskaru, September)

Andreas Brandal ~ Murmurs and Echoes (Field Hymns, 1 September)

Clay Wilson ~ Skandha EP (The Bunker New York, 1 September)

Gultskra Artikler ~ Destroy Music (Umor Rex, 1 September)

Hallowed Bells ~ Violet Hands (Edible Onion, 1 September)

James Place ~ Interpretations of Superstition (Umor Rex, 1 September)

Martijn Tellinga ~ Positions (Cronica, 1 September)

M. Mucci ~ Don’t Be Afraid (The Tall House Recording Co., 1 September)

Metzengerstein – Alchemy To Our Days (Vinyl Edition on Kohlhaas, 1 September)

möström ~ we speak whale (Unrecords, 1 September)

Mural ~ Tempo (SOFA, 1 September)

Rémy Charrier ~ Cowries (Umor Rex, 1 September)

Roberto Carlos Lange ~ Plural People (Umor Rex, 1 September)

Three Fourths Tigers ~ Indoor Voice (Field Hymns, 1 September)

Unconditional Arms ~ Fever Basin 7″ (In the Clouds, 1 September)

V/A ~ Strobosonic (Mozyk, 1 September)

Dead Fader ~ Sun Copter EP (Robot Elephant, 3 September)

Medard Fischer ~ Four Songs for the City of New York (Hidden Shoal, 3 September)

Mueller Rodelius ~ Imagori (Grönland, 3 September)

Brian Ellis Group ~ Escondito Sessions (El Paraiso, 4 September)

Brian Ellis & Brian Grainger ~ At Dusk (El Paraiso, 4 September)

Frank Riggio ~ Psychexcess II (Hymen/Omelette, 4 September)

Jerusalem In My Heart ~ If He Dies, If If If If If If (Constellation, 4 September)

Lumisokea ~ Mnemosyne (Alter, 4 September)

Richard Anthony Jay ~ Written in the Ground EP (Burning Petals, 4 September)

Summer Effect ~ Nothing But Hope (Fluttery, 4 September)

V/A ~ 8 Years Fachwerk (Fachwerk, 4 September)

Baldruin ~ Portal (Wounded Knife, 6 September)

Xu(e) ~ Brown Jenkin (Thirsty Leaves, 7 September)

Valley ~ Sunburst EP (Version Studio, 9 September)

Nerftoss ~ Music Index (Patient Sounds, 10 September)

INIT ~ Two Pole Resonance (Hivern Discs, 11 September)

Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra ~ S/T (Discrepant, 11 September)

Masayoshi Fujita ~ Apologues (Erased Tapes, 11 September)

Pole ~ Wald (Pole, 11 September)

Thool ~ S/T EP (DEEK Recordings, 11 September)

All We Expected & Raum Kingdom ~ Split (All We Expected, 14 September)

Tommy Perman, Simon Kirby & Rob St. John ~ Concrete Antenna (Random Spectacular, 14 September)

Wil Bolton ~ Inscriptions (Dronarivm, 14 September)

Jonas Reinhart ~ Palace Savant (Further Records, 15 September)

Seth Chrisman & Nathan McLaughlin ~ Olivebridge (Editions Littlefield, 15 September)

Rin Larping ~ STRATUM (Editions Littlefield, 15 September)

Treha Sektori & Muhd ~ The Sensation of Being One of Them (Cyclic Press Book/CD, 15 September)

Akira Sakata & Jim O’Rourke with Chikamorachi & Merzbow ~ Flying Basket (Family Vineyard, 16 September)

I Am Robot and Proud ~ Light and Waves (16 September)

AFRik & the Smiling Orchestra ~ La Tremanda (Clang, 18 September)

Battles ~ La Di Da Di (Warp, 18 September)

Get the Blessing ~ Astronautilus (Naim Jazz, 18 September)

Holographic Field ~ Window Gazer (Hellbig Music, 18 September)

Mind Over Mirrors ~ The Voice Calling (Immune, 18 September)

MODEL 86 ~ Self Help Dance EP (18 September)

Regis ~ Manbait (Blackest Ever Black 18 September)

Sebastian Russell ~ Force (Fenou, 18 September)

Yonatan Gat & Gal Lazer ~ Physical Copy (Joyful Noise, 18 September)

Zachary Reid ~ We Break Backs and Bend Wills (Precarian Media, 18 September)

glaswegians ~ cape Iazo (20 September)

Povab ~ Zarja (Psychonavigation, 20 September)

Various Artists ~ Music on a Shoestring (Psychonavigation, 20 September)

Robert Logan ~ Slowfoot (Slowfoot, 21 September)

Animation ~ Machine Language (Rarenoise, 25 September)

Caspian ~ Dust and Disquiet (Triple Crown Records, 25 September)

Dan Truman (performed by Adam Silwinski) ~ Nostalgic Synchronic: Etudes for Prepared Digital Piano (New Amsterdam, 25 September)

Drew McDowall ~ Collapse (Dais, 25 September)

John Lemke ~ Nomad Frequencies (Denovali, 25 September)

Lorenzo Montanà – Trilogy (Psychonavigation, 25 September)

Michael Chapman ~ Fish (Tompkins Square, 25 September)

Moon Zero ~ S/T (Denovali, 25 September)

Oneirogen ~ Plentitude (Denovali, 25 September)

Peter Prautzsch, The Fever Drawings (Palacmusic, 25 September)

Waking Aida ~ Full Heal (Robot Needs Home, 25 September)

Dead Sea Apes ~ Spectral Domain (Sunrise Ocean Bender, 26 September)

Rapoon ~ Downgliding (Carpe Sonum, 28 September)

Various Artists ~ Tomato Sauce Lasers, Sausage Lassos (Bearsuit, 28 September)

Dan Mohr with Kathleen Baird, Tim Kinsella, & Benjamin Mjolsness ~ Offerings (Obsolete Media Objects, 29 September)

Lars Graugaard ~ Venus (Dacapo Records, October)

Night Sequels ~ The Children of the Night Make Music (Attacknine, 1 October)

Keith Rowe / John Tilbury ~ enough still not to know (Sofamusic, 2 October)

V/A ~ µ20 (Deluxe Edition, Planet Mu, 2 October)

Jim Perkins ~ Constance (Bigo & Twigetti, 6 October)

Ali Helnwein ~ Strange Creations (9 October)

Co La ~ No No (Mexican Summer, 9 October)

Donato Dozzy ~ The Loud Silence (Further, 9 October)

Espen Eriksen Trio ~ Never Ending January (Rune Grammofon, 9 October)

H-CI ~ Arconeon (Psychonavigation, 9 October)

Lingua Lustra ~ Uhadi (Psychonavigation, 9 October)

Mogwai ~ Central Belters 6LP Box Set (Rock Action, 9 October)

Visionist ~ Safe (PAN, 9 October)

Mirt ~ Vanishing Land (Monotype, 10 October)

ADMX-71 ~ Coherent Abstractions (L.I.E.S., 15 October)

Mauro Picotto ~ From Heart to Techno (Alchemy, 16 October)

Pablie ~ B-Sides (Atomnation, 16 October)

Shape Worship ~ A City Remembrancer (Front & Follow, 16 October)

Warning Light ~ Oftenchance (Stickfigure, 23 October)

Werktag/Chessex/Buess ~ S/T (A Tree in a Field, 29 October)

Maserati ~ Rehumanizer (Temporary Residence, 30 October)

Mint ~ Fable and Fantasy (Boltfish Recordings, 30 October)

Moufang/Czamanski ~ Live in Seattle (Further, 30 October)

My Disco ~ Severe (Temporary Residence, 30 October)

Will Samson ~ Ground Luminosity (Talitres, 30 October)

Amanda Feery & Michael Tanner ~ To Run the Easting Down (Awkward Formats, 1 November)

Dimitri Mazurov ~ Rudiments (Psychonavigation, 1 November)

Rhian Sheehan ~ We Are Stars OST (National Space Centre, 7 November)

Ecovillage ~ Jesus of Nazareth (Psychonavigation, 13 November)

TIGUE ~ Peaks (New Amsterdam, 13 November)

Dave Phillips ~ RISE (Ideal, Fall)

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