SpringLate Spring Music Preview
The announcements keep coming in!  With high profile releases from Osmotic + Fennesz, Petrels, William Basinski and more, the spring of 2015 promises to be enthralling.  Even Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) has released an instrumental album this season!

Our most popular April posts were reviews of albums by Takaakira “Taka” Goto, Michael Price, Oiseaux-Tempête, SOL and William Ryan Smith, and the latest (EP) installment of Electronic Observations.  Overall, the Submissions page received the most attention, followed by this page!

Great music pours into our office on a daily basis.  We’ll never be able to review it all, so we hope that you will peruse the list below to hear your new favorites before they come out.  If you like something, be sure to click on the sample to be led to the site on which it appears.  This page is constantly updated as publicists, labels and artists send us announcements.  Thank you to all of our readers, artists and labels, and best wishes for a happy spring!

~~^^^macheteoxidado^^^~~ ~ viento de las montañas (Shimmering Moods, 29 May)

Paradigm/Model. ~ Holocene Memoires (Atrocious Symphonies, 29 May)

Roger O’Donnell with Julia Kent ~ Love and Other Tragedies (99X/100, 29 May)

TimeDog ~ The Fragile Present (Shimmering Moods, 29 May)

Chihei Hatakeyama ~ Moon Light Reflecting Over Mountains (Room40, 30 May)

David Shea ~ Prisoner (Room40 reissue, 30 May)

The Sly and Unseen ~ All Similarities and Technical Difficulties End Here (Hibernate, 30 May)

Arc Rev One ~ Last Transmission from Sector 7 (Vidmar New Media, 31 May)

Barnett & Coloccia ~ Weld (Blackest Ever Black, late May)

Musette ~ A Cosmic Serenade (Häpna, Spring)

Tilth ~ Country Music (Round Bale Recordings, early June)

Ak’Chamel the Giver of Illness ~ The Man Who Drank God (Field Hymns, 1 June)

Cetieu ~ Into the Light EP (Twice Removed, 1 June)

Craün ~ Analysis (Hush Hush Records, 1 June)

Dawn of Midi ~ Dysnomia (Erased Tapes, 1 June)

Deison & Uggeri ~ In the Other House (Grey Sparkle, 1 June)

Gustav Fjelstrom ~ Intention (1 June)

The Snowfields ~ How to Get Good Sound from a Dead Ear (Field Hymns, 1 June)

Aidan Baker & Idklang ~ In the Red Room (Karlrecords, 5 June)

D.F. w/K.B.D. & J.G. ~ a chance happening (Shaking Box, 5 June)

Erik Bünger and Jan-Filip Ťupa ~ The Empire Never Ended (Infinite Greyscale, 5 June)

Foudre! ~ Magnum Chaos (BLWBCK, 6 June)

Christ ~ Tower (BLWBCK, 8 June)

Container ~ LP (Spectrum Spools, 8 June)

Darren McClure ~ Primary Locations (Dragon’s Eye, 8 June)

David John Sheppard ~ Vertical Land (Village Green, 8 June)

Hypnodrone Ensemble ~ The Shape of Space (Little Crackd Rabbit, 8 June)

Inner8 ~ Modern Matters (Modern Matters, 8 June)

John Metcalfe ~ The Appearance of Colour (Real World, 8 June)

Leftfield ~ Alternative Light Source (Infectious Music, 8 June)

Polígono Hindú Astral/Sentionaut ~ Split Cassette (Atrocious Symphonies, 8 June)

Insect Ark ~ Portal/Well (Autumnsongs, 9 June)

Michael Gibbs & the NDR Big Band ~ In My View (Cuneiform, 9 June)

Michael Gibbs & the NDR Big Band ~ Play a Bill Frisell Set List (Cuneiform, 9 June)

Our Love Will Destroy the World ~ Carnivorous Rainbows (Ba Da Bing, 9 June)

Todd Tobias ~ Tristes Tropiques (Hidden Shoal, 9 June)

New Composers feat. Brian Eno ~ Smart (Psychonavigation, 12 June)

Andrew V. Phillips ~ The Feather that Tips the Scales (15 June)

Brother/Ghost ~ Buried (Shelsmusic, 15 June)

Debruit ~ Outside the Line (ICI, 15 June)

peptalk ~ islet (Home Assembly, 15 June)

Holly Waxwing ~ Peach Winks EP (Cascine, June 16)

Peptalk ~ Islet (Home Assembly, 16 June)

Bunny & the Invalid Singers ~ The Invalid Singers (Bearsuit Records, 19 June)

Andi Stecher ~ austreiben/antreiben (Heart of Noise, 20 June)

Tiny Leaves ~ A Certain Tide (Futuresequence, 22 June)

Voices from the Lake ~ Live at MAXXI  (Editions Mego, 22 June)

Hidden Orchestra ~ Reorchestrations (Denovali, 26 June)

Neil On Impression ~ L’oceano delle onde che restano onde per sempre (Denovali reissue, 26 June)

Nikolaienko ~ The Sounds of Pseudoscience (Graphical/Muscut, 26 June)

Lars Graugaard ~ Venus (Dacapo Records, June)

Ozmotic – Fennesz ~ AirEffect (Folk Wisdom/SObject, June)

Stereodyssey ~ Anomalies EP (New Ancient Records, late June)

Ten ~ Hitherto (Twice Removed, 1 July)

Yamaoka ~ Silent Film (Twice Removed, 1 July)

Note:  At this point, the international release day will shift to Fridays, ending a long period of multiple release days (U.K. Monday, U.S. Tuesday, Germany Friday).  While many artists will continue to release albums on other days, Friday will be the new label standard.

Arovane & Hior Chronik ~ In-Between (A Strangely Isolated Place, July)

The 23s ~ Flamingo (Karaoke Kalk, 10 July)

Matrixxman ~ Homesick (Ghostly, 10 July)

Gagarin ~ aoticp (Geo, 13 July)

International Debris ~ Ambifauna (Psychonavigation, 20 July)

Haiku Salut ~ Etch and Etch Deep (How Does It Feel to be Loved, 31 July)

Hidden Rivers ~ Where Moss Grows (Serein, Summer)

John Chantler ~ Still Light, Outside (Inventing Zero, August)

The Black Dog ~ Neither/Neither (Dust Science, 17 August)

H-ci ~ Arconeon (Offshoot, 21 August)

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