The Final CountdownThe Final Countdown
It’s the end of the year as we know it, and we feel fine!  Our site is about to turn three years old, and 2014 has been a great year.  This month we reached another milestone, topping the one-million-hit mark.  (We’ve had double that in spam!)  Our review of Óbó‘s Innhverfi was our most-read article of the month by far, followed by the n5MD Inversion Mix and our review of Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello‘s Fable.

December is a cool-down month.  Frost replaces dew, the music release schedule slows to a trickle, and reviews are replaced by year-end lists and vacations.  But quiet doesn’t mean inactive.  In addition to a host of December releases, we’re already receiving word of 2015 releases, some of which are found below.

Our year-end lists will run through the middle of December and will be followed by two weeks of vacation.  New reviews will begin appearing in January.  This page will continue to be updated throughout the holidays, so be sure to check back for the latest additions!

Various Artists ~ Eilean 53 (Eilean Records, 21 December)

Kate Carr ~ Fabulations (Soft, 25 December)

Le Cliché ~ Consumer Behaviour (Medical Records, 25 December)

Melodia ~ Diario de viaje (Home Normal, 25 December)

N ~ Heven (Denovali, 31 December)

N ~ Saarn (Denovali, 31 December)

Students of Decay ~ 2015 Sampler (Students of Decay – 2015 preview!)

36 ~ Pulse Dive EP (3six, January)

Darren Harper ~ Reduction & Variant (Disq An, January)

Lea Bertucci ~ Light Silence, Dark Speech (I Dischi Del Barone, January)

Pour Le Plaisir ~ Tin Machine EP (Blue Tapes/X-Ray Records, January)

Tashi Dorji ~ blue twelve (Blue Tapes/X-Ray Records reissue, January)

V/A ~ All Things Converge (Womblabel, January)

Acker ~ Sea Songs (1 January)

Hessein ~ Your Empire, In Decline (The Long Story Recording Company, 15 January)

Hotel Neon ~ S/T (16 January)

Second Moon of Winter ~ One for Sorrow, Two for Joy (Denovali, 16 January)

Gareth Flowers + Josh Mason ~ Silent Period (Sunshine Ltd., 19 January)

Gondwana ~ Aun (Opal Tapes, 19 January)

V/A ~ Europe (A Strangely Isolated Place, 19 January)

Dark Dark Dark ~ Flood Tide OST (Melodic, 20 January)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith ~ Euclid (Western Vinyl, 20 January)

Acorn Falling ~ 2nd Plateau of Normalcy (21 January)

V/A ~ Meditations 1 (Shimmering Moods, 21 January)

Dikeman/Serries ~ Cult Exposure (Tonefloat, 22 January)

YODOKIII ~ The Sky Flashes, the Great Sea Yearns (Tonefloat, 22 January)

Elian ~ Harrowgate (Home Normal, 23 January)

Fabio Orsi ~ Just for a Thrill (Home Normal, 30 January)

Ricardo Donoso ~ Deterrence (Denovali, 30 January)

Whale Fall ~ The Madrean (30 January)

DJ Clent ~ Last Bus to Lake Park (Duck ‘N’ Cover, 3 February)

Matana Roberts ~ Coin Coin Chapter 3 (Constellation, 3 February)

The Union Trade ~ A Place of Long Years (Tricycle, 3 February)

Fogh Depot ~ S/T (Denovali, February)

Loren Connors ~ Airs (Recital reissue, 3 February)

Egyptrixx ~ Transfer of Energy (Halocline Trance, 9 February)

Stage Hands ~ S/T (My Idea of Fun, 10 February)

William Ryan Fritch ~ Revisionist (Lost Tribe Sound, 10 February)

Theologian ~ Pain of the Saints (Malignant Records, mid-February)

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