My favorite beach!Cool Music For Hot Days
To the left is my favorite beach in the world: Kailua Beach in SE Oahu.  My friends live in walking distance of this beach, which offers great surfing near the Mokes (Mokulua Islands) and incredible bodysurfing year-round.  This is what I picture when I think of summer.  No matter where I am, I want music that brings my mind to this place.

The reaction to our feature Summer Music Preview: Ten Tracks That Sound Like Summer tells me that many people feel the same.  By far our most-viewed post of the month, it laid the groundwork for a host of summer releases, many of which are found below.  The Modern Composition category dominated our review section, as the Top Five most popular reviews all covered music with piano and strings:  Moon Ate the Dark, Cello + Laptop, Tania Giannouli Ensemble, Hior Chronik and Tiny Leaves.

Great music pours into our office on a daily basis.  We’ll never be able to review it all, so we hope that you will peruse the list below to hear your new favorites before they come out.  If you like something, be sure to click on the sample to be led to the site on which it appears.  This page is constantly updated as publicists, labels and artists send us announcements.  Thank you to all of our readers, artists and labels, and best wishes for a happy summer!

Arovane & Hior Chronik ~ In-Between (A Strangely Isolated Place, 6 July)

Dag Rosenqvist ~ The Forest Diaries (Eilean Records, 7 July)

Good Willsmith ~ Snake Person Generation (Hausu Mountain, 7 July)

Pan Gu ~ The People Are Panthers (Ujikaji, 7 July)

Mingle ~ Static (Kvitnu, 8 July)

Note:  At this point, the international release day will shift to Fridays, ending a long period of multiple release days (U.K. Monday, U.S. Tuesday, Germany Friday).  While many artists will continue to release albums on other days (as seen below), Friday will be the new label standard.

Kenneth Kirschner ~ Compressions & Rarefactions (12k, 10 July)

Lee Bannon ~ Patterns of Excel (Ninja Tune, 10 July)

Matrixxman ~ Homesick (Ghostly, 10 July)

Qluster ~ Tasten (Bureau B, 10 July)

The 23s ~ Flamingo (Karaoke Kalk, 10 July)

Waxwing ~ A Bowl of Sixty Taxidermists (Songlines, 10 July)

Assembler ~ Quantum Paths of Desire (Infinite Waves, 11 July)

Benjamin Shaw ~ Guppy (Kirigirisu Recordings, 13 July)

Gagarin ~ aoticp (Geo, 13 July)

Nathan Derr ~ abcessant (Kirigirisu Recordings, 13 July)

Olan Mill ~ Cavade Morlem (Dronarivm, 13 July)

De Leon ~ /\8 (Aught, 15 July)

Specimens ~ II (Shimmering Moods, 15 July)

*AR ~ Memorious Earth (Corbel Stone Press, 18 July)

International Debris ~ Ambifauna (Psychonavigation, 20 July)

Tiny Fingers ~ The Fall (Anova, 20 July)

Radioson ~ радиосон (Helen Scarsdale Agency, 21 July)

Richard Garet ~ 60’ Cassette (Helen Scarsdale Agency, 21 July)

Kyle Fosburgh ~ One Night (Grass-Tops Recordings, 22 July)

Jan Swinburne ~ Consensual Enigmas (Alrealon Musique, 23 July)

Liberez ~ All Tense Now Lax (Night School Records, 24 July)

Iglomat ~ Iglomat III (KFM Records, 27 July)

Erik Nilsson ~ Hearing Things (Hidden Shoal, 30 July)

Haiku Salut ~ Etch and Etch Deep (How Does It Feel to be Loved, 31 July)

Moloq ~ Viscous Pixels (4 August)

Heathered Pearls ~ Body Complex (Ghostly, 7 August)

James Wood ~ Eyes Down (The Adult Teeth Recording Company, 10 August)

Flying Hórses ~ Tölt (15 August)

The Black Dog ~ Neither/Neither (Dust Science, 17 August)

Hidden Rivers ~ Where Moss Grows (Serein, 17 August)

Brutter ~ S/T (Hubro, 18 August)

H-ci ~ Arconeon (Offshoot, 21 August)

John Chantler ~ Still Light, Outside (Inventing Zero, 24 August)

Myke Clements ~ No Worry, No Sorrow (25 August)

Erland Dahlen ~ Blossom Bells (Hubro, 28 August)

Laura Cannell ~ Beneath Swooping Talons (Front & Follow, 28 August)

Numinous ~ Changing Same (New Amsterdam, 28 August)

Musette ~ A Cosmic Serenade (Häpna, late August)

Hallowed Bells ~ Violet Hands (Edible Onion, 1 September)

Masayoshi Fujita ~ Apologues (Erased Tapes, 11 September)

Jonas Reinhart ~ Palace Savant (Further Records, 15 September)

Caspian ~ Dust and Disquiet (Triple Crown Records, 25 September)

Lars Graugaard ~ Venus (Dacapo Records, October)

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