OctoberThe Final Quarter!
The year is winding down in the Northern Hemisphere, but we’re all a little jealous of the Southern Hemisphere, which is welcoming spring.  Only one hemisphere will be picking pumpkins, but both will celebrate Halloween.  This is also the beginning of the year’s last quarter, a time in which perspectives are gained on the year’s best music.  Fall is the busiest season for new releases; this final surge comes just in the nick of time, as our dance cards still have some spots to be filled.  We have plenty of music to share with you below, more than we could ever hope to review.  We hope you’ll enjoy perusing the clips and that you’ll find your new favorite album right here.  New music is added to this page on a near-daily basis, so keep coming back to catch up on all the latest previews!

Thanks to you, our site experienced its best month ever, averaging over a thousand home page visits a day.  Our Fall Music Preview was the month’s top post, followed by reviews of new albums from This Patch of Sky and Death Blues.  We’ve got some great stuff coming up: be sure to visit on the 13th for a surprise feature!  And now, here’s what’s coming up next: previews of music for October and beyond!

Kemper Norton ~ Loor (Front & Follow, 27 October)

Kohshi Kamata ~ Seven Most (Psychonavigation, 27 October)

Off Land ~ Quinarian (Psychonavigation, 27 October)

Oran Ambarchi ~ Quixotism (Editions Mego, 27 October)

Robert Curgenven ~ “They tore the earth, and like a scar, it swallowed them” (Recorded Fields, 27 October)

Big Brother on Acid ~ S/T (Alrealon Musique, 28 October)

Dean Drouillard ~ UFO Houses (Backward Music, 28 October)

Marble Sky ~ S/T (Students of Decay, 28 October)

Mono ~ Last Dawn/Rays of Darkness (Temporary Residence, 28 October)

Todd Tobias ~ Impossible Cities (Hidden Shoal, 28 October)

Vicky Chow ~ Tristan Perich: Surface Image (New Amsterdam, 28 October)

Sundrugs ~ Low (BLWBCK, 31 October)

Thomas Köner ~ Tiento de las Nieves (Denovali, 31 October)

Celer ~ Sky Limits (Two Acorns, 1 November)

Cestine ~ Level (Twice Removed, 1 November)

Cinchel ~ Nature (Twice Removed, 1 November)

Lost Trail ~ An Elegy and a Mirror (Twice Removed, 1 November)

Hellenica ~ Blood Moon Wolf Head (2 November)

Clark ~ S/T (Warp, 3 November)

Elisa Luu ~ Enchanting Gaze (La bel/Hidden Shoal, 3 November)

Lviv ~ Transmission One (Low Point, 3 November)

Nick Gill ~ Grey Season (Effra Press, 3 November)

Ryan Teague ~ Block Boundaries (Village Green, 3 November)

Noberto Lobo ~ Fornalha (three:four, 4 November)

Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello ~ Fable (Dragon’s Eye Recordings, 4 November)

Steve Roden ~ Flower & Water (Dragon’s Eye Recordings, 4 November)

Aina Myrstener ~ Cello (Flora & Fauna, 4 November)

Shook ~ Spectrum (Epicenter, 5 November)

Arms and Sleepers ~ Swim Team (Fake Chapter, 7 November)

Lars from Mars ~ Americanino (clang, 10 November)

Nazoranai ~ The most painful time … (Ideologic Organ, 10 November)

Neel ~ Phobos (Spectrum Spools, 10 November)

Vladislav Delay ~ Visa (10 November)

Nick Storring ~ Gardens (Scissor Tail, 11 November)

Tallesen ~ Stills Lit Through (Mexican Summer, 11 November)

TOMAGA ~ Futura Grotesk (Hands in the Dark, 12 November)

Matthew Craven ~ Unseen Spaces (Jordskred, 14 November)

Loscil ~ Sea Island (Kranky, 17 November)

Summon the Octopi ~ Nonversations (Sober Up, 17 November)

M. Geddes Gengras ~ Collected Works Vol. 2 New Process Music (Umor Rex, 18 November)

Rhyton ~ Kykeon (Thrill Jockey, 18 November)

Rasmus Fisker ~ Hydra (clang, 24 November)

Warning Light ~ XXXI (Stickfigure, 25 November)

Ilydaen ~ Maze (Finaltune, 28 November)

Radian and Howe Gelb ~ Radian Verses Howe Gelb (Radian Releases, 28 November)

Inward Circles (Richard Skelton) ~ Nimrod is Lost in Orion and Osyris in the Doggestarre (Corbel Stone Press, late November)

Mogwai ~ Music Industry 3.  Fitness Industry 1.  (Rock Action, 1 December)

PADDOX ~ Aphrodisiaque (Bear on a Bicycle/One Note Forever, 1 December)

Signal ~ Tiruvannamalai/Event Horizon (Handmade Records, January)


  1. Rocktor

    Great job Rick…Thank you very much!!!

  2. FINALLY got to the end of all this. Added a few things to the 2014 list. As ever, ACL is expensive to read.

  3. Andrey

    Thanks a lot!

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