SpringLate Spring Music Preview
The announcements keep coming in!  With high profile releases from Osmotic + Fennesz, Petrels, William Basinski and more, the spring of 2015 promises to be enthralling.  Even Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) will be releasing an instrumental album this season!

Our most popular April posts were reviews of albums by Takaakira “Taka” Goto, Michael Price, Oiseaux-Tempête, SOL and William Ryan Smith, and the latest (EP) installment of Electronic Observations.  Overall, the Submissions page received the most attention, followed by this page!

Great music pours into our office on a daily basis.  We’ll never be able to review it all, so we hope that you will peruse the list below to hear your new favorites before they come out.  If you like something, be sure to click on the sample to be led to the site on which it appears.  This page is constantly updated as publicists, labels and artists send us announcements.  Thank you to all of our readers, artists and labels, and best wishes for a happy spring!

Alan Courtis & Aaron Moore ~ Bring Us Some Honest Food (Dancing Wayang, 27 April)

Another Fine Day ~ A Good Place to Be (Interchill, 27 April)

Derek Carr ~ Home (Psychonavigation, 27 April)

Ebauche ~ Adrift (Invisible Agent Records, 27 April)

Iglomat ~ III (KFM, 27 April)

Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay Antigravity (Blackest Ever Black, 27 April)

Martin Gore ~ MG (Mute, 27 April)

Nonsemble ~ Go Seigen vs. Fujisawa Kuranosuke (Bigo & Twigetti, 27 April)

Ose ~ Verb (Fin-A-Dee Six Records, 27 April)

Takaakira “Taka” Goto ~ Classical Punk and Echoes Under the Beauty (Pelagic, 27 April)

Alex Cobb ~ Chantepieure (Students of Decay, 28 April)

Alex Menzies ~ Order & Disorder (Kathexis, 28 April)

Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld ~ Never Were the Way She Was (Constellation, 28 April)

Drunken Sufis ~ Cotton Candy Cluster Bombs (Bad Friend Records, 28 April)

Paul di Jong ~ IF (Temporary Residence, 28 April)

Prefuse 73 ~ You Are Now Poison (Temporary Residence, 28 April)

William Basinski ~ Cascade/The Deluge (Temporary Residence/2062, 28 April)

Aki Onda ~ Lost City (with music by Loren Connors & Alan Licht) (audioMER, 30 April)

Andrew Tuttle ~ Slowcation (A Guide to Saints/Room40, 30 April)

Arash Akbari ~ Vanishing Point (Flaming Pines, 30 April)

Haarvöl ~ Indite (Moving Furniture, 30 April)

Mauri ~ Sweep Generators (Kvitnu, 30 April)

Norn ~ Usotsuki (Moving Furniture, 30 April)

Tapage & Espoir ~ Poetic Infomercial Experimentalism (Moving Furniture, 30 April)

Elian ~ Cutting Up the Sun (The Long Story Recording Company, 1 May)

Various Artists ~ V.A. 001 (Tiptop Audio Records, 1 May)

Giulio Aldinucci ~ Spazio Sacro (Time Released Sound, early May)

And So I Watch You From Afar ~ Heirs (Sargent House, 4 May)

Ben Chatwin ~ The Sleeper Awakes (Village Green, 4 May)

Bitchin Bajas ~ Transporteur (Hands in the Dark, 4 May)

Cankun ~ Only the Sun is Full of Gold (Hands in the Dark, 4 May)

Demien Castellanos ~ The Kyvu Tapes Vol. 1 (Hands in the Dark, 4 May)

Digitonal ~ Beautiful Broken (Just Music, 4 May)

Isobel Ccircle ~ Asterism (Soft Bodies Records, 4 May)

Kadahn ~ Silver Shadow of a Shrine (Hush Hush, 4 May)

Vault62 ~ S/T (4 May)

Glass Harbours ~ History Trails (5 May)

Kellion ~ The Story of a Young Boy (Project Mooncircle, 5 May)

Kristoffer Oustad ~ Filth Haven (Malignant, 5 May)

Yen Pox ~ Between the Horizon and the Abyss (Malignant, 5 May)

Yui Onodera & Vadim Bondarenko – Cloudscapes (Serein, 5 May)

Andreas O. Hirsch ~ Summe 1 (makiphon, 7 May)

Microseq ~ One Colour Puzzle (False Awakenings, 7 May)

AAAA ~ Shiva Watts (Antime, 8 May)

Dibson T. Hoffweiler ~ When I Went West (Scissor Tail, 8 May)

Gurun Gurun ~ Kon B (Home Normal, 8 May)

Hypnodrone Ensemble ~ The Shape of Space (Little Crack’d Rabbit, 8 May)

The Laborer ~ The Changing Tides (Wist Records, 8 May)

Zeitkratzer ~ Column One: Entropium (Karlrecords, 8 May)

Walls ~ Urals (Ecstatic, 10 May)

Chra ~ Empty Airport (Editions Mego, 11 May)

Dialects ~ LTKLTL (11 May)

I-LP-O IN DUB (Ilpo Väisänen) ~ Communist Dub (Editions Mego, 11 May)

Kerovnian ~ Far Beyond, Before the Time (Cold Spring reissue, 11 May)

Merzbow & Xiu Xiu ~ Merzxiu (Bad Paintings, 11 May)

PAS Musique ~ Inside the Spectrum (Alrealon Musique, 11 May)

Robert Crouch ~ Organs (Dragon’s Eye Recordings, 12 May)

Tyondai Braxton ~ HIVE1 (Nonesuch, 12 May)

Fallen ~ Secrets of the Moon (Psychonavigation, 15 May)

Simon James Phillips ~ Blage 3 (Mikroton, 15 May)

thisquietarmy ~ Anthems for Catharsis (15 May)

Applescal ~ For (Atomnation, 18 May)

Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow ~  (Invada, 18 May)

Cio D’Or ~ All in All (Semantica, 18 May)

Gilmore Trail ~ The Floating World (Chasmata Records, 18 May)

Lorenzo Montana ~ Vari Chromo (Psychonavigation, 18 May)

Matthew Watson & Daniel Thomas Freeman ~ Catch Me Daddy OST (Important Records, 18 May)

Sax G ~ Lullaby of the Forbidden Dancer EP (Hush Hush, 18 May)

Kara-Lis Coverdale & LXV ~ Sirens (Umor Rex, 19 May)

ENO ~ From the Lower Earth and Ocean (Ikarus, 22 May)

Konntinent ~ The Empire Line (Home Normal, 22 May)

Multicast Dynamics ~ Scape (Denovali, 22 May)

Multicast Dynamics ~ Vascular (Denovali, 22 May)

Petrels ~ Flailing Tomb (Denovali, 22 May)

Thomas Brinkmann ~ What You Hear (Is What You Hear) (Editions Mego, 24 May)

Codex ~ Ghost Harmonic (Metamatic, 25 May)

Crypto Tropic ~ S/T (Le Cabanon, 25 May)

Dean McFee ~ Fatima’s Hand (Hood Faire, 25 May)

General Magic & Pita ~ Fridge Trax Plus (Editions Mego, 25 May)

Racker & Orphan ~ Sounds of Insects (Hood Faire, 25 May)

When ~ The Black Death (Ideologic Organ, 25 May)

NOW Ensemble ~ Dreamfall (New Amsterdam, 26 May)

Piper Spray ~ Krolorog (Hausu Mountain, 26 May)

Potions ~ Light and Dark (Hausu Mountain, 26 May)

~~^^^macheteoxidado^^^~~ ~ viento de las montañas (Shimmering Moods, 29 May)

Paradigm/Model. ~ Holocene Memoires (Atrocious Symphonies, 29 May)

The Sly and Unseen ~ All Similarities and Technical Difficulties End Here (Hibernate, 30 May)

Barnett & Coloccia ~ Weld (Blackest Ever Black, late May)

Musette ~ Apocalypso (Häpna, Spring)

Lars Graugaard ~ Venus (Dacapo Records, June)

Ozmotic – Fennesz ~ AirEffect (Folk Wisdom/SObject, June)

Cetieu ~ Into the Light EP (Twice Removed, 1 June)

Dawn of Midi ~ Dysnomia (Erased Tapes, 1 June)

Gustav Fjelstrom ~ Intention (1 June)

Hauntologists ~ S/T (1 June)

John Metcalfe ~ The Appearance of Colour (Real World, 8 June)

Leftfield ~ Alternative Light Source (Infectious Music, 8 June)

Polígono Hindú Astral/Sentionaut ~ Split Cassette (Atrocious Symphonies, 8 June)

Todd Tobias ~ Tristes Tropiques (Hidden Shoal, 9 June)

New Composers feat. Brian Eno ~ Smart (Psychonavigation, 12 June)

Brother/Ghost ~ Buried (Shelsmusic, 15 June)

Voices from the Lake ~ Live at MAXXI  (Editions Mego, 22 June)

Nikolaienko ~ The Sounds of Pseudoscience (Graphical/Muscut, 26 June)

Yamaoka ~ Silent Film (Twice Removed, 1 July)

Hidden Rivers ~ Where Moss Grows (Serein, Summer)

International Debris ~ Ambifauna (Psychonavigation, 20 July)

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