FallFall Music Preview
The animation comes from the autumn blog Autumn Elk, which is filled with fun photography and animation.  It’s a happy site to offset our sadness at summer’s end.  We’re also happy to see so much good music on the horizon!  Over sixty releases are previewed below.  We hope you’ll enjoy perusing the clips and that you’ll find your new favorite album right here!  New music is added to this page on a near-daily basis, so keep coming back to catch up on all the latest previews!

Joseph Sannicandro’s “The Problem With ‘My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection” was our most-read post of the month.  Congratulations, Joe!  Our top reviews covered new albums by bvdub, Ian William Craig, wild up, 36 and Imprints.  And now, here’s what’s coming up next!

Adam Coney ~ The Fall of the Flamingo Gardens (Trestle, 1 September)

Emil Klotzsch ~ 14 Arten Den Regen Zu Beschreiben (Twice Removed, 1 September)

fydhws ~ The Sound (four movements in the key of D) (1 September)

Honesty Box ~ Saturday’s Child (Full of Joy, 1 September)

Massimo Discepoli ~ Parallax (DOF, 1 September)

Oecist ~ XVIII LIII (Crowquill, 1 September)

Ross Baker ~ Periphery (Twice Removed, 1 September)

Christopher Willits ~ Opening (Ghostly, 2 September)

She Sells Strings Trio ~ Negatively Complicating a Procedure That Is Already Flawed (8mm, 4 September)

Kilt ~ She’s Got the Evil in Her Ear (Fabrica, 7 September)

Luciernaga/La Mancha del Pecado ~ Split (Fabrica, 7 September)

Parashi ~ Tovarich (Fabrica, 7 September)

Sindre Bjerga ~ Future Jazz Loops (Fabrica, 7 September)

anodyne ~ IV (Psychonavigation, 8 September)

Jo Johnson ~ Weaving (Further, 8 September)

Kontakte ~ These Machines (The Collapse of Everything, 8 September)

Prostitutes ~ Nouveauree (Night School, 8 September)

Timedog ~ Objects of Mind (Diametric, 8 September)ürg Frey ~ more or less (New Focus, 9 September)

Odesza ~ In Return (Counter, 9 September)

Chihei Hatakeyami ~ Winter Storm (White Paddy Mountain, 10 September)

Caudal ~ Ascension (ConSouling Sounds, 14 September)

Rapoon ~ Cultural Forgeries (Alrealon Musique, 14 September)

Anjou ~ S/T (Kranky, 15 September)

Andrea Carri ~ Chronos (Psychonavigation, 15 September)

Eric Copeland ~ Logo My Ego (L.I.E.S., 15 September)

Imugem Orihasam ~ More anxious, more favorable terms (Nute, 15 September)

Konstrukt & Joe McPhee ~ Babylon (Roaratorio, 15 September)

Marble Sky ~ S/T (Students of Decay, 16 September)

Rival Consoles ~ Sonne EP (Erased Tapes, 15 September)

This Will Destroy You ~ Another Language (Holodeck, 16 September)

Involved ~ Revolving Maze (Hidden Shoal, 19 September)

Supersilent ~ 12 (Rune Grammofon, 19 September)

The Brackish ~ Big Guys (Lava Thief, 22 September)

Chapelier Fou ~ Deltas (Ici d’ailleurs, 22 September)

Gidge ~ Autumn Bells (Atomnation, 23 September)

Suicideyear ~ Remembrance (Software Recording Co., 23 September)

Atom TM ~ Ground Loop 12″ (The Bunker New York, 29 September)

Avec le Soleil Sortant de Sa Bouche ~ Zubberdust!  (Constellation, 30 September; middle track of sampler below)

Dylan Ryan/Sand ~ Circa (Cuneiform, 30 September)

Happy Family ~ Minimal Gods (Cuneiform, 30 September)

Jonathan Badger ~ Verse (Cuneiform, 30 September)

North Side Drive ~ Snow/Sea/Sky (Preserved Sound, September)

Pan & Me ~ Ocean Noise (Denovali, September)

Richard Youngs ~ Red Alphabet in the Snow (Preserved Sound, September)

Tess Said So ~ I Did That Tomorrow (Preserved Sound, September)

Caribou ~ Our Love (City Slang/Merge, 4 October)

Soiled ~ Splices and phases (Elm Lodge Records, 4 October)

A Winged Victory for the Sullen ~ Atomos (Erased Tapes, 6 October)

Flying Lotus ~ You’re Dead!  (Warp, 7 October)

BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa/Anla Courtis ~ Golden Circle Afternoon (Editions Mego, 13 October)

Locust ~ After the Rain (Editions Mego, 13 October)

Anthony Pirog ~ Pale Colorado Dream (Cuneiform, 14 October)

the cellar and point ~ ambit (Cuneiform, 14 October)

Drophead vs. Silent Time Machine ~ From Ashes Comes the Day (Holodeck, 14 October)

Last Ex ~ S/T (Constellation, 14 October ~ first third of sampler below)

Rob Mazurek and Black Cube SP ~ Return the Tides: Ascension Suite and Holy Ghost (Cuneiform, 14 October)

Glaswegians ~ S/T (19 October)

Dorian Concept ~ Joined Ends (Ninja Tune, 20 October)

Mike Vass ~ In the wake of Neil Gunn (Unroofed, 20 October)

JAKOB ~ Sines (The Mylene Sheath, 21 October)

Kiasmos ~ S/T (Erased Tapes, 27 October)

Off Land ~ Quinarian (Psychonavigation, 27 October)

Robert Curgenven ~ “They tore the earth, and like a scar, it swallowed them” (Recorded Fields, 27 October)

Arms and Sleepers ~ Swim Team (Fake Chapter, 28 October)

Big Brother on Acid ~ S/T (Alrealon Musique, 28 October)

Nick Gill ~ Grey Season (Effra Press, 3 November)

Vladislav Delay ~ Visa (10 November)

Summon the Octopi ~ Nonversations (Sober Up, 17 November)


  1. Rocktor

    Great job Rick…Thank you very much!!!

  2. FINALLY got to the end of all this. Added a few things to the 2014 list. As ever, ACL is expensive to read.

  3. Andrey

    Thanks a lot!

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