News: Bluetech launches NOMADculture web magazine

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Evan Bartholomew (Bluetech) and friends launch new magazine dedicated to arts, music, and culture.

Head over to NOMADculture and check out reviews of Hammock and Juliana Barwick’s new records, an interview with Ben Tour, and a lot more.  As with all things Bluetech related, it looks amazing and has an underlying sense of ecological and social consciousness.

NOMADculture, more than nomenclature, the place where the life blood of culture touches ground. Here the underground collides with birds in flight and the dance between them subverts everything you’ve come to expect from a magazine. Culture is an ecosystem, and NOMADculture doesn’t just get it, we want to feed it. This is beauty you can eat, the kind that propagates nourishment. Seeds cast in the wind, heirloom seeds shared among friends – to keep the seeds alive as much as to feed one another’s children.

We are generation NOMAD, traversing the landscape between ancestral threads and urban beat heads, ears tuned to the turning song of lies unraveled and roads less traveled, awake and aware in our neon kicks and overturning ancient rhythms in our ableton clicks. We interrupt cultural programming to bring you a nudge of nourishment and inspiration: real people doing real stuff that really matters. Today. In your community, in ours. Social movements amplified, art that feeds, lucid social commentary, schema for pragmatic mysticism, cutting edge intellectual insight, the ripened speech of elders, the word on the street. These are the threads of NOMADculture. Your mind is the loom. Whatcha weaving?

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