Sujo ~ Eilat

Let’s get the obvious observation out of the way first.  Sujo‘s Eilat may be a Quiet World release, but it sure ain’t quiet.  After a minute of low end hum, cascading crumbles of radio interference begin to crash the party.  The volume rises, the tone shifts, and woah – electric guitar and drums!  Barn Owl would be proud.  Yes, this is a black metal album, its only relation to quiet being its ability to pound everything around it into submission.  Sullen bass, distorted feedback and a sense of claustrophobic doom paint Eilat with a very dark brush.  The project arrives courtesy of the mysterious Ryan Huber, who emerges every so often from the labyrinthine shadows of the World Tree under another pseudonym to remind us that Ragnarok is still impending.  As foreboding as this might sound, Huber’s brand of night is more elegant than most.  The embedded strings in the second and fourth tracks contain an almost classical tinge.  Huber may be a prophet of doom, but he’s also a priest of the divine.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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