superalgebra ~ Its only numbers

Jon Cooper (superalgebra) seems to love math, but he doesn’t perform math rock. His field is ambient electronics, and superalgebra is just one of his many guises.  Those with algebraic tendencies may wish to puzzle over his track titles (“5-9-2-7-5”, “3-1-9-1-3”, “6-2-6-4-8”), but we’re more interested in the music.  (The English major in me recognized a palindrome, but apart from that, perhaps they are only numbers.)

The opening track is the best, graced with stuttering electronics in the Pawn mode and augmented by squiggles and light drones.  The speaker-wandering hisses and beeps produce an appealing 3D effect.  The best moment arrives at 3:14 (pi!), when the stereo effects cave to a visiting theme, then reassert their dominance.  This attention to detail is one of the EP’s strengths.  The wordless vocals of the second track and layered ambience of the third mark them as slightly different beasts, demonstrating the artist’s diversity.  The only drawback is that together, the three tracks sound more like a sampler than a cohesive set.  Perhaps it’s time to consolidate the guises to produce a longer collection; if Cooper mixes in some of his commercial work, an album might have an impact beyond the genre’s normal parameters.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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  1. well, the second and the third includes only odd and even numbers respectively, while the firs one includes both.. that’s another pattern 😉

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