This Patch of Sky ~ Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine

The Yeti convinced me.  At first glance, Oregon’s This Patch of Sky may seem like just another post-rock band, but the Yeti knows better.  He stares from the top left of the band’s Bandcamp page with an adorable, bemused, happy expression that means he wants to play with you.  And then eat you.  And this is exactly what Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine intimates.  Oh, it’s all sunshine and brightness, rising chordal clusters and euphoric peaks until somebody loses an eye.  Perhaps the drummer should have held his sticks a little more tightly.  There are still more in the box, and anyway, who minds playing with splinters?

As the summer season starts and the car tops go down, it’s time for this sort of music to start blasting again.  This Patch of Sky makes it seem effortless.  Avoiding the ponderous builds and ambient noodling that have killed many of their peers, the band dives right into the good stuff.  Excellent drumming (Ow, my other eye!), clearly delineated guitar lines and crisp mastering contribute to an ongoing sense of bloom.  This is indeed the sound of morning, of new seasons and new possibilities.  Five tracks yield half an hour of solid post-rock, enough to get one to the beach or at the very least, a friend’s backyard barbeque.  Listen to the way the title track swiftly establishes its identity, draws back to add a few flourishes, and delves back in.  And just when it seems to be winding down, a friendly chant rushes in to match the melody.  Or is it friendly?  Who’s that screaming in the background?  IS THAT THE YETI?!

It’s funny that a little thing like an image on a website can create such instant affection.  The band’s mascot has been wisely chosen.  Or perhaps the band no longer exists; the charming creature has already devoured them, and is using the Bandcamp page to lure unsuspecting fans to their next show, booked to unfold in a dark cave surrounded by bones that nobody knows are real.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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